Elevated Apartment Luxury Items For Your Smaller Space

Around last year, I moved into a new apartment. I lamented over the costs of first, last, and security deposits, I scavenged on Facebook Marketplace and Buy Nothing groups for pre-loved furniture at a discount, and I put my blood, sweat, and tears into this place. And finally, after a year of scrounging and saving even the most minimal of amounts, I felt that I could finally splurge on some key pieces.

Living in this apartment made me realize that some items can elevate your space and make your home feel like a hotel…and others can just sit collecting dust, taking up what minimal space you already have. (For me, it’s a towel warmer that smells up my bathroom every time we turn it on.)

Because if you live in an apartment in the New York City area, chances are you’re lacking in ample space. You don’t necessarily have the room for all of the furniture you once dreamt of, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create a luxurious feeling at home. It’s not about how much you shop. It’s about how smart you shop.

Something as small as a candle or as large as a motorized standing desk can make your apartment feel like home. I’ve been spending the past year elevating my apartment with home items that truly make a difference.

Here are my favorite apartment luxury items that I would repurchase in a heartbeat.

FlexiSpot Adjustable Standing Desk E7 Pro Series


Standing desks are all the rage right now for those who work from home, particularly because of the health benefits. Studies show that using a standing desk can help lower your blood sugar levels and your risk of heart disease. It can also help reduce stress levels and improve your mood and energy levels.

The best standing desk on the market right now is easily the FlexiSpot Adjustable Standing Desk because it includes everything you could ask for. A completely customizable experience, you pick the size, wood, add-ons, and more when buying a FlexiSpot. It’s motorized- which means it can be brought to any height for your comfort.

My roommate uses this desk to work and transitions between sitting and standing. I also would recommend it for a table in your living room or dining room, because it’s that multi-functional.

Vacation Home Resort Three Candle Set


Vacation is an essential sunscreen brand: classic and smells amazing, with revolutionary products that change the sun protection game. If there’s one thing that’s essential, it’s that my apartment must smell good. I have tried essential oil diffusers, wax melters, and many, many candles.

The Vacation Home Resort Three Candle Set was an obvious choice for me because it allowed me to try their High Ceiling Resort Lobby, Partial Ocean-View Suite, and Well-Tipped Pool Boy candles…and I wasn’t disappointed. Starting with the packaging, which features picturesque vacation photos, these candles sent me straight to a 5-star resort.

If I could have one candle in my room the rest of my life, it would be the Well-Tipped Pool Boy candle, which has notes of “coconut sunscreen, recently de-leafed swimming pool, resort towel, a dash of hand-me-down cologne” and, of course, “desire.”

Pretty Rugged TS Luxe Blanket

Pretty Rugged

Whether you’re having guests, or just chilling on your couch, you absolutely need a good blanket. When I find myself marinating on my couch like Grandpa Joe from Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, I am swaddled in a fur blanket eating snacks all day.

I was drawn to the Pretty Rugged Luxe Blanket because it has spill-proof technology thanks to the SatinTex backing, so if I ever spill my wine it’s no big deal. Not only that, but this blanket is insanely soft and feels a little weighted. It’s the perfect blanket for any room in your house.

It’s 55x70, so it’s big enough to fit multiple people for snuggles. Overall, it’s the one blanket I’d choose to have in my living room.

Gevi Espresso Machine


If you genuinely want to save money, and are an iced coffee person like me, then an espresso machine is the way to go. While coffee makers are generally less expensive, espresso drinks are the heart of the iced coffee community. It’s borderline impossible to brew a hot cup of coffee and make it iced on the same day.

So, the Gevi Espresso Machine is a more affordable option and creates strong coffee drinks that you can throw over ice. It’s also compact, which is perfect since I have minimal counter space as is. It comes complete with a milk frother and is so easy to use I was in shock.

I love to live out my barista dreams and skip the trip to Starbucks when I can. This machine will give you an elevated apartment feel without the elevated apartment price.

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