I Fell In Love With My Curls Again Through Hairstory

How many of us experience bad hair days more often than good ones? With our lives now being so virtual, hair is a big deal; it's the first thing people see. Just like my makeup and skincare routine, my hair needs one as well.

I was having such a hard time maintaining my hair, it was so frizzy and dry all the time. I tried everything to stop it from being so temperamental; it would be oily only a few days after washing and extremely dry once I washed it. People told me about coconut and argan oil, eating healthier, washing it less, washing it more, but nothing really helped.

I was so frustrated that I resigned myself to the fact that I would never have the healthy hair I hoped for. That was until my best friend, Lily, told me about Hairstoryand how it transformed her locks. I was hesitant about wasting money on something new again, but she convinced me to give it a try. And after 4 washes I fell in love.

Hairstory's New Wash cleanses your hair without the harmful detergents found in store-bought shampoos (the ones that strip your scalp of all the good oils). I subscribed to Hairstory's Refill Club, here's how my first month went.

Week 1

My first week was all about figuring out Hairstory. My first question was "Is it shampoo?" I soon figured out it wasn't shampoo per se but an even better alternative that I never knew existed.

Hairstory's New Wash contains Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Jojoba seed oil, Evening Primrose oil, Sunflower seed oil, Rose oil, and Keratin that cleanse your hair without stripping it of its natural oils. I knew that I needed to give it time for my hair to adjust from what Lily told me. Hairstory mitigates the need for a conditioner because it contains properties that help condition your hair naturally.

I felt a difference after the first wash-- my hair was next-level clean! But I will say it took about 3-4 washes for my hair to really get used to it. I only washed my hair twice the first week of using New Wash, compared to 3-4 times with my old shampoo and conditioner.

Week 2

During my second week, I had a really big presentation at work and was hoping my hair would be on point. I used New Wash a few days before the meeting and I didn't need to wash it again. At this stage, my hair had gotten used to Hairstory's natural formula. It wasn't greasy or dry and it felt healthy and hydrated. Hairstoryworks for all hair types and allowed me to celebrate my curls. After week 2, my hair was softer and not as coarse as it normally is.

Week 3

By now I knew I loved Hairstory but there was also so much more to explore. I realized that not only did my hair feel softer, but my scalp flakes were gone. Flakiness and dandruff is usually caused by irritants in shampoo, but all the ingredients used by Hairstory are natural and it helps calm inflamed and suffering scalps.

I decided to see what other products they have and was excited to see they also offer styling products. The Hair Balm set my curls perfectly and helps keep my hair looking sleek and maintained with minimal effort. Lift, the aerosol-free spray is a versatile styling mist that has a special blend of thickening, shape-shifting resins, and fast-vanishing spirits; it is exactly what I needed to style my hair for more body and fullness. Lfit is also a root lifting spray that helps hair follicles raise the root for a plump ponytail; perfect for a night out!

Week 4

By the fourth week, I had a whole new hair routine.

Hairstory not only helps my hair, but they do their part to help the environment by sending refillable pouches instead of plastic bottles.

When I joined the Refill Club, and I picked which Hairstory New Wash I needed (richer moisture, all hair types or deep clean), then choose the size (Save 5-10% on their 20oz or 32oz pouches), the frequency (6,8 or 10 weeks) and voila!

Hairstory is easy, it is exactly what I needed to save my hair. Like they say 'Less is more' and that is exactly the case with Hairstoy's New Wash.

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