I Tried Frey. Here's What Happened

I never gave any thought to my laundry detergent. From the big orange jugs at the store to luxury-looking brands, they're all kinda the same, right?

So when my friend was going on and on about how she was obsessed with her new laundry detergent, I had to stop and remind her she was talking about laundry detergent.

She told me to take a whiff of her sweater, and I honestly wished my clothes kept such a lovely scent throughout the day. The detergent was from Frey, a new line of laundry products that's highly concentrated and made to help clothing last longer.

Was it time for me to start taking better care of my clothes?

I took a look at the Frey website--the vibe was clean and modern, with different colors for their 3 different scents. They focus on natural formulas with plant-based ingredients; I guess I always knew that regular laundry detergent was filled with harsh chemicals, but I just figured there was no alternative.

Frey is made in small batches and is free of any parabens, OBA's, FBA's, or sulfates, so it preserves the structure of the fabrics and is also kind to your skin.

Still, I didn't know if a natural product would actually get my clothes clean, or if I could trust that I'd like the scent. Scent is so personal, so how would I know if I liked something I bought online?

Then, something surprised me; Freyallows you to try their laundry products for $1. Yes, really. You can try all three fragrances, and then if you like it you pick your favorite and then either subscribe or text their Frey Concierge to help you with your order (that was honestly something I haven't seen another brand do and I loved it). I loved the packaging, and was willing to try it.

When it arrived, I was happy to try it on my next laundry load. It did smell amazing! Also, with such a highly concentrated formula, so you use way less for bigger impact, and actually save money that way.

After folding, I did notice my clothes felt different. More luxe? Softer, but they kept their shape more than after a wash from the blue goo detergent. Now when I put on a clean shirt I feel like I'm way more put-together as a person (even if I'm not).

I decided to keep my subscription because I knew I'd fallen in love with the $1 sample, but there was an option to just place a one-off order too. I customized my plan to include detergent, fabric conditioner, and a wrinkle release spray.

The wrinkle releaser works great on all of my work clothes which saves me so much time I would have spent ironing or steaming the same items. Plus I never have to worry about if the heat is too high for a particular fabric.

I also like how Frey has total transparency about its contents and created a business model based on sustainability—Frey plants a tree for every order placed.

The traditional detergent I used to use would cost $0.93 per load while Frey only costs $0.33.

Frey is absolutely worth it, I'm never going back!

Update: The folks at Frey are extending a special offer to our readers! Try Frey for free - just pay $1 shipping!

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