Smell Amazing From Your Hair To Your Body With Frey

The clean beauty struggle is real. Ever since I went down a rabbit hole researching toxic ingredients in makeup and personal care products, I've been on a mission to join the "clean beauty movement." It was a real eye-opener! I never realized just how dangerous parabens and sulfates could be to your health (I'm talking skin irritations, hair loss - the works).

So, determined to make some real changes, I started looking for natural alternatives to my essential products. But, let me tell ya, the world of natural products is a little grim. I tried a natural shampoo that I swear made my hair even dirtier, and a deodorant that didn't do what it was supposed to (YOU HAD ONE JOB - not a good look, or should I say, smell).

I was chatting to my friend about the struggle of tryna be more conscious of the things I put on my body, and she interrupted my complaining and told me to take out my phone and google Frey.

My friend told me that Frey's line of personal care products not only do what you need them to but smell incredible. Thing is, this girl has taken part in some questionable "health" trends in her time - I'm talking Goat Yoga, people. So naturally, I was skeptical.

On the train home that evening, I did a little more digging on Frey's site and was intrigued by how many scents they had. I think one of the biggest downsides of natural products is the bland smell, so I was happy to see that Frey has 3 scents - Sandalwood, Bergamot & Clove,

Cedarwood, Oakmoss & Amber and Jasmine, Rose & White Cedar.

In all of Frey's reviews online, people were raving about how good the smell was, but would the products actually work?

They have all of the basics you need, like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and deodorant, and all are free from the bad stuff -silicones, sulfates, parabens, synthetic dyes, and aluminum. Nothing is tested on animals, and their ingredients are packed with natural ingredients. Saponified Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, Aloe Vera Extract - sounds dreamy, but I still wasn't convinced.

But after seeing that they let you sample all three of their fragrances for $1 (!!!), I figured I had nothing to lose. I ordered samples and couldn't wait to see what all of the hype is about.

The minute they arrived, I couldn't resist a sniff….they smelled incredible like a designer perfume, but without being too overpowering. Now to put them to the test. My hair has been known to not respond that well to a new shampoo, so I was a little nervous. But OMG, my hair felt so clean and shiny after, and the scent gets even better when you lather it up. So pleasantly surprised, and the body wash was great, too.

The samples lasted longer than I expected, and about 2 weeks after I received them, Frey shipped out my next order. I signed up for the Personal Care Package, which has all of their 3 shower products, plus deodorant, all in that divine fragrance.

Having my daily essentials delivered on a schedule that works for me has been a lifesaver, and I'm so happy I'm no longer putting unnecessary toxins on my body.

Frey is great for the earth, too. They plant a tree for every order they receive, they're B Corp, and PETA certified, and their concentrated formulas mean you'll actually use less. My friend, who recommended Frey, instantly recognized the scent next time I saw her. All of the I told you so's were worth it - Frey products are game changers.

Follow this link to sign up for Frey's personal care plan for just $1!

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