From Skeptic To Believer: Why I Subscribe To YogaClub

Whenever I visit my sister in the city, I'm at the mercy of whatever health trend she's into at the moment: I've stumbled my way through SoulCycle, held my nose drinking a sketchy green smoothie, and pulled a hamstring trying to keep up in kickboxing. It's true that I want to be healthier, but none of my sister's attempts were motivating me. So, when she got me a gift box for YogaClub, I was interested but skeptical. True, I love shopping for deals on name brands and I'm guilty of too many trips to the mall, but I wasn't sure I would feel comfortable wearing tight workout clothes. Would they look good on me? Or even fit me? Could fashion really be a first step to getting to the gym? I didn't think so at first, but I was amazed by how much I ended up loving YogaClub.

YogaClub is a monthly subscription box that sends you unique outfits that are 100% hand curated to your individual style. When I learned that YogaClub would send me a box with 3 pieces of activewear each month, my biggest concern was whether or not they'd send me clothes that would flatter my body type. I have curves, and was under the impression that workout clothes look best on what I like to call "board bodies," i.e my super tiny fit sister. But what I immediately liked was that YogaClub makes a point to cater to women of all shapes and sizes. To ensure you feel comfortable in the clothes, everyone takes a short quiz with questions about their body type, mine is (pear-shaped), size (medium, 34C), preferences (showing cleavage is a definite no!), and personal style, so that my box could be personalized. I got excited seeing all the cute outfits and awesome brands like Free People and Beyond Yoga, but I knew I'd have to see what was in the box before I'd even consider wearing what was inside.

I was thrilled to see that not only did my new outfit— which consisted of leggings, sports bra and a mesh tank—fit me, but it also was super comfortable and fashionable. I especially loved how light all of the materials were without being see-through. No wonder I hated working out in my baggy sweats! What I soon discovered is that YogaClub has a unique way of selecting the clothes for each season. Trends are based on the members preferences and needs, not what the fashion world dictates. Every season, there's a new Trendsetter Survey which gives YogaClub subscribers the chance to be involved in every step of the process when choosing what ends up in their boxes. I love that real women with real lives are deciding and voting on what outfits YogaClub produces!

A few months later, and I'm still getting my YogaClub box—only now I'm regularly doing yoga and going on walks with my friends. The cool thing is that I've also lost a little bit of weight, and I was able to order my latest box a whole size smaller. Getting 3 pieces each month is a great way for me to grow my wardrobe and keep up with trends without having to drive long distances to have access to cool brands. I've even been wearing some of the outfits just to run errands around town. Plus, it's affordable. Each month I pay $79 for a box that's worth up to $160, which is a much better deal than I've been able to find elsewhere. What's great is that if you take a little break from your new workout plan to go on that month long cruise you've always dreamed of, you can pause your subscription and then reactivate it whenever you're ready. I'm still not sure I'm okay with my sister's green smoothies (those can stay in the city!), but thanks to YogaClub, I am sure about how great I look and feel.

UPDATE: YogaClub + TrueSelf are extending a special offer to new members: $20 off your membership price for life. Follow this link to get your box for only $59!