Why Function Of Beauty Changed My Opinion On Customized Hair Care

Yes, I'd seen the ads for customized shampoo and conditioner, but it was clearly just all a hoax.

Drugstore brands already offer different lines for dry hair, curly hair, dyed hair…. What was the difference here?

I was complaining about it to my friend who agreed with me, but admitted she was dying to try Function of Beauty. We both loved the packaging, but figured it wasn't any different.

She kept sending me different FOB reviews and posts, but I didn't read any of them. Then, she sent me a picture of herself opening her bottles! She'd caved!!

Her first wash gave her "mermaid hair" and I had to try it, she said. I'd take their quiz, fine.

I input my hair type ( straight, medium, normal), and then I got to choose up to 5 hair goals. I like my hair, so I just chose shine, hydrate, and strengthen. This is also where I saw the true customization feature: there are 18 different hair goals which each correspond to different ingredients. By choosing shine, I added Açaí Oil and Amazonian Babassu Oil to my formula.

function of beauty blue shampoo and conditioner

I picked (pear) fection 🍐🍏 as a scent because I LOVE how subtle the scent of a pear is and a blue hue for my shampoo and conditioner because why not.

I chose the smallest sizes, just in case I wasn't thrilled, but now that I know my hair goals actually influence the product, it seems like a good value! I ordered the smallest shampoo and conditioner to try, and I could cancel if I didn't think it was worth it.

When it arrived, I loved the swirling of the blue product inside the bottle. After a lovely-smelling wash, rinse, repeat, and a blow dry….I hated to admit it, but there was a huge difference to my hair! It was model-shiny, and the ends looked so healthy.

UPDATE: Function of Beauty is offering our readers a special offer! Get 20% OFF your first order. Click here and start the hair profile quiz!

If you're thinking about trying Function Of Beauty, here are 7 more reasons I love it:

scent icon

You Can Change The Formula (And Scent! And Colors!) Any Time You Want

cat icon

Always Vegan + Cruelty-Free

environment icon

Sulfate-Free + Paraben-Free + The Option To Forgo Silicones

Bonus Customized Personal Care Items Like Hair Masks, Serums, & Body Wash

Delivered To Your Door On Your Schedule

Happy Hair Guarantee

My Name Is On My Bottle!!

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