This Customized Shampoo And Conditioner Is Amazing For Mamas-To-Be

My pregnancy has been on the tough side with morning sickness and unhinged desperation for pickle sandwiches (yes, at the same time) except for one saving grace; I finally have the long luscious hair of my dreams.

Normally, my hair is pretty thin, but seven months in, it's grown to my hips and I'm feeling like a mermaid.

Before my hair boom, I used to run out of shampoo super quickly. When I went to Target to buy more of my regular brand, the list of ingredients was so long, I didn't know if it was okay to put on my body. I went online to look for the brands that pregnant women were approved to use, and a common favorite was Function of Beauty. Not only is the shampoo and conditioner safe for use during pregnancy, but you can also customize it to fit your hair goals!

I had to check myself before I ordered it, and it's true - all ingredients are toxin-free, sulfate-free, cruelty-free, paraben-free, vegan, and approved for use during pregnancy. Anything I picked would be safe, so I could just focus on finding a formula that would benefit my hair.

I started by taking their quiz to figure out the perfect formula to achieve my hair goals. My hair has always been thick and dull, so shine was definitely one of my top priorities. For shine, they add açaí oil and Amazonian babassu oil, which is way fancier than the drugstore stuff I was using. I also got to pick a color and a scent. They have a fragrance-free option for sensitive noses, but you can also choose if you want the scent to be light, medium, or strong. Peach sounded amazing and since I'm sensitive to smell, I went with the light option.

I debated between orange (to match the peach scent) and green (to match my shower curtains), and I went with the latter. After choosing the size, you choose the frequency you'd like to receive new bottles--you can get a shipment every month, 2 months, or 3 months. The best part is that you can customize each new bottle- if I want a new color or scent, I can go in and change it for next month. It's perfect for people like me with commitment issues!

When my green shampoo and conditioner arrived, they were so pretty that I couldn't wait to hop in the shower. That night, I had the most amazing peach-scented shower; the swirls of color in the conditioner made me happy just looking at it, and my name inscribed on the sides of the bottles was the extra cherry on top because now my husband can never borrow my products. After a month of consistent use, my hair was inches longer and even thicker and shinier than ever before. Mermaid's hair achieved.

After the baby is born, I can switch the formula to suit my thinner hair and any other changes that might happen post-pregnancy. I'm sticking with Function of Beauty because it's safe, smells amazing, and it's perfect for all my hair goals and more.

UPDATE: Our friends at Function of Beauty are offering our readers 20% OFF their customizable hair products! Follow this link to start your quiz today!

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