The Best Games to Play with Your Quarantined Pets

While we all suffer in quarantine, at least our pets get to suffer with us.

They are definitely loving all the extra attention, and the isolation means we can do all the fun stuff with our pets that we always wanted to do. Whether you have a dog, cat, or a rat, here are a few fun things you can do with your pet to kill the time.

Pea-Fishing with Your Rat

Put a plastic cloth on the table and take out a bag of frozen peas from the freezer. Put the peas into a shallow glass container with lukewarm water, and then add some rocks that your rat can climb up on. After showing your rats the pool, enjoy as they either jump in and dive for peas, or try to retrieve and eat the peas with their tiny little paws.

Have Your Parrot Chase Their Tail

Take your parrot out of their cage and put it on your bed. Don't actually touch the tail, but put your hand near it. Make sure you say in a cartoony voice: "Oh, I'm going to touch your tail!" Your parrot will run away from you as you try to get their tail. But make sure they don't establish your bed as territory. To end the game, offer a braided rope or some sort of toy to climb on.

Watch Your Dog Chase Bubbles

Purchase some Bubbles and blow out some big ones right in your doggo's face. With enough initiation, your dog will try to eat the bubbles. Once they get the idea, blow some in the opposite direction and watch your dog chase 'em!

Play Tug of War

This is probably a dog's favorite game. Get a good thick piece of rope, and just wave it in your pup's face to initiate it. Once he grabs hold, pull as hard as you can! This can kill a whole lot of time and give your dog some great exercise in the process; just make sure they don't nip your hands.

Get a Piece of Yarn for Your Cat

Cats normally don't want to play with their owners, but no cat can resist a good long piece of yarn. Dangle the yarn in front of their face until they start clawing on it, then drag it on the ground to activate their predator instincts. Your cat will chase that thing until it's gasping for air.

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