9 effortless acts of kindness to add to your day

With all the negatively-tinged stimuli out there, acts of kindness often fall under the radar. Sure, it's easy to be mean, but it's even easier to be kind. Even just the small things can help elevate your mood and the mood of others around you, inspiring everyone to be a little kinder. Here are some of our favorite ways to brighten your day with kindness.

1. Say, "have a nice day"

I can't tell you the number of times that I'm in the elevator with a bunch of people, and we all go off silently and somberly once we reach our respective floors. But it just takes one person to say, "have a nice day, everyone," to get your happiness juices going. Today, be that person.

2. Bring in a special treat

There is nothing that pumps up the morning vibes like a box of fresh donuts on the table. Be the person who brings a dozen hot ones for the gang, sharing in the sugary love.

3. Offer a helping hand

A simple, "how's it going?" and "is there anything I can help you out with today?" goes a long way. Offering your advice, helping carry a heavy package, or watching someone's stuff in the library while they use the loo are all small ways that you can help someone, with big rewards.

4. Dole out the compliments

When someone's down in the dumps, all it takes is a simple compliment to lift their spirits (and yours). It doesn't have to be about someone's appearance, but anything positive is on the right track to making a more uplifted society.

5. Donate

See a street musician playing the blues? Spare a dollar. Even though it might seem insignificant, having a personal connection with a stranger is a small way to promote kindness.

6. Take someone out

A coffee, scone, or omelette mid-day is a great little treat for anyone in your circle that needs a pick-me-up. Anyone will feel special for a spontaneous rendez-vous.

7. Give an old friend a call

In the age of digital mayhem, we often forget the impact that a phone call can have, especially with someone you haven't spoken to in a long time. Don't text to set a time; just call. Surprise them with your kindness, and you'll get kindness in return.

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