Get Happy: 10 Fun, Fast Ways to Cheer Up

A two-week-long tropical vacation, a shiny new car, and winning the lottery are guaranteed to put a huge grin on anyone's face. But for the majority of us, none of these luxuries are coming along any time soon. But that's no reason to frown. Whenever you feel a bit down in the dumps or need a speedy pick-me-up, these 10 ideas are guaranteed to add a delightful dose of happy into a run-of-the-mill kinda day. They sound simple, and they are, but a little goes a long way when it comes to feelin' fine. Try one (or more) today and see for yourself.

  1. Call an Old Friend
    • Sure, you may "like" all her pics on Facebook and text her a quick "hello" when the mood strikes, but how often do you actually sit down for 10 minutes to really catch up? Hearing a familiar voice and sharing news or even blues with a good friend is a great way to decompress and have a giggle. No need to have anything major to gab about, just two old pals reconnecting will keep you feeling giddy and grateful all day.
  2. Sip a Cup of Tea with Honey and Lemon
    • Do you only drink hot tea when you've got a bug? Think outside the sniffles! Not only is tea full of healthy, do-your-body-good stuff, it's also really delicious. There are so many types, so choosing your favorite will be something fun to do. Get a variety box and find out which flavors are your fave. Now, add some sweet, soothing honey. A little goes a long way and it's better for you than sugar. Sit, sip, and savor. You deserve a few moments every day to download and delight in a sweet beverage. Even with a decaf, you'll get a boost that will have you back in action with a sense of peaceful cheer.
  3. Watch a Cat Video
    • Cat canoodlers and feline foes alike can get some much needed laughter and a case of the "awwwws" by tuning into a couple of online cat videos each day. A waste of time? No way! The sheer adorableness and silliness that makes so many cat videos go viral just shows how much fun they are to watch. Take a couple of minutes when you are feeling blah and instead of moaning, get meowing while filling up your happiness tank thanks to Whiskers and Felix.
  4. Eat an Ounce of Dark Chocolate
    • A small treat, especially one that's made of pure chocolate is a great mood booster. Not only is dark chocolate rich and delicious, but it's chock full of antioxidants to boot. Sneak away and slowly let the chocolate melt in your mouth and take note of every nuance of flavor and texture. You will feel satisfied even with a small piece since the dark chocolate is so intense. When you get back to work, that chocolate pick-me-up will have you feeling sweeter.
  5. Play an Upbeat Song
    • Feeling down or sluggish? You can change your mindset and get perked up by playing a lively tune. Pop in those ear plugs, get up out of your seat for a few minutes and listen to one of your favorite fast-tempo tunes. Pick one that evokes fond memories and gets you into a better spirit. The song will stick in your head and you'll be bopping through the rest of your day with a spring in your step.
  6. Post an Inspiring Quote on Social Media
    • Looking for some instant positive feedback? Not only will you benefit others by posting words of inspiration on your Facebook page or Twitter feed, but seeing the good in others as they hail "Amen" to your motivational mottos will make you feel good about mankind. With so much negativity sprouted on social media, you can help turn the tables and lend to the positive movement.
  7. Flip Through Childhood Photos
    • Need a good laugh or a dose of nostalgia? Step back in time and reflect on the years past and how much you've accomplished since then. Smile at silly recitals, school photos, and awkward family portraits. Seeing a photo of dad when he was your age will amaze you. If you miss someone you haven't seen in a while or need a break from what's going on in the present, a few photos and a flood of memories will have you smiling in a snap.
  8. Stroke Your Pet
    • Fluffy always loves getting a good belly rub or a scratch behind the ears, but did you know petting your dog or cat can actually make you feel better too? Sitting with a pet is relaxing and releases those "feel good" hormones in the body. Stroking your favorite non-human friend will make you feel closer and loved. The sheer action of petting is so soothing and will calm your nerves, putting you in a clearer frame of mind. It also gives you pause (and paws) to let the little things roll off your back.
  9. Bake Cookies
    • Mmmmmmm. Homemade cookies. Just the thought of them perks up all the senses. You don't have to be a master baker to make delicious cookies – buy a roll of cookie dough if you like. But the scent and taste of just-from-the-oven chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin cookies is what happiness is made of. Spread the love by sharing with someone special. Now all you need is a cold glass of milk and the afternoon is yours to enjoy.
  10. Apply a Facial Mask
    • Obviously, don't go for this happiness booster in the middle of your office or at the mall, but if you're at home and have 15-30 minutes to look a tad silly but come away with fresh-feeling results, consider trying a face mask. Choose the type that's best for your skin or make one at home. This combo will give new life to a sallow complexion: Combine equal parts plain yogurt, honey, ripe avocado, and granulated sugar in a bowl and apply to the face. Leave on for 15-30 minutes and scrub off with water when done. Of course, if you are allergic to any of these ingredients, DO NOT use. What's great about this mask? You can save some of the unused portion and enjoy as a snack. It's actually delicious. Two happies in one!

Are you feeling more cheerful yet? Even reading these can get you in the mood to be merry. So go for it! Find out which makes you feel the happiest, or best yet, make it a perfect 10 and complete them all.

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