Get Swimsuit Ready With These Fun Beach Exercises

We know you've already made your beach plans to soak up some sun and catch a few waves. Beach lounging is great, but in order to stay in shape, you'll have to keep up your exercise. Why not exercise on the beach? Here are some great workout tips to make the most of sand's natural resistance.

Take a jog.

Running barefoot, you'll notice, feels a lot different than running with shoes on. Sand also acts like a treadmill's resistance settings. You'll feel the burn! If you want to increase your heart rate, mark off a starting and finish line and take quick sprints back and forth.

Now go deeper.

If you want a bit more of a challenge, go take a run in the water. The deeper you go, the harder it will be. But trust us, you'll be tired real fast.

Use that beach ball.

We love the reverse plank. Keep your legs on a ball and push up towards the sky, holding for 15 seconds. Tighten up your core and butt.

Push up.

For the ultimate balancing act, try push ups while having your feet on the ball. It will take a while to stabilize yourself with the combination of the rolly ball and fluffy sand.

Hop along.

Place your towel in a straight line in the sand, hold your feet together, and jump back and forth over it while making it to the end of the towel. Then, go back the other way. The sand will give your legs a real workout.

Lunge, baby, lunge.

These are like traditional lunges, only on the uneven surface of the sand. Be sure to align your knee with your ankle.

Phew! We hope you've worked up a sweat and are ready to hit the tiki bar!

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