This Cabin Escape Will Help You Truly Unplug

My husband and I have been married for 5 years. Both of us have worked very hard for our careers, which means that we also have a tough time shutting off work when we're not in the office.

At night, our rule is "no phones at the dinner table", but one of us always gets lured away. We're both busy and it's hard to spend quality time together, so we make a priority to take little trips here and there.

While we've taken amazing vacations and made beautiful memories, our work always seems to find us on these trips. We both have very different ideas of what a perfect weekend away looks like- he loves camping, but I like a little more luxury. I wanted to go "off the grid" but I wasn't ready for a trip to Yellowstone. After researching unplugged adventures, I came across Getaway, simple escapes to tiny cabins nestled in nature.

Getaway's modern cabins are situated about two hours away from major cities like D.C., Boston, Portland, Dallas, Pittsburgh, NYC, Cleveland, and Atlanta. The cabins are designed to give you all the relaxing vibes that come with camping, without having to rough it.

The first and only time my husband took me camping, it was a complete disaster- torrential rain, wet sleeping bags, bugs, bad food, nightmare! I love the idea of being totally immersed in the woods, and Getaway offers modern necessities like running water, a bathroom, a luxurious queen size bed, not to mention air conditioning! It sounded like the perfect way to mash together both of our vacation styles into one idyllic weekend trip. And the best part? The cabins have no wifi and even have a lockbox for your phone, so you can take a total break from your device dependency.

I couldn't wait to surprise my husband with a relaxing nature escape. We both took a half day from work on Friday, and as soon as I activated my out-of-office email, I instantly felt more relaxed. The drive up was so scenic, and the cabin was easy to find. The second we arrived, we hid our phones away in the lockbox; it felt so good to actually disconnect and forget about our everyday stresses.

Our cabin had everything we needed; all the kitchen essentials, a super comfortable queen-size bed, and most importantly, a hot shower! Getaway cabins are spaced out so you have neighbors, but still plenty of privacy. Each cabin also has a beautiful outdoor space with a picnic table and fire-pit. We spent our first evening sitting underneath the stars and drinking wine beside the fire.

The next day, I woke up feeling well-rested and still in awe of the incredible view from our huge window. After breakfast, we set out on a 3-hour hike. All of the trees and flowers were in full bloom, so it was especially beautiful. We spent the rest of our weekend cooking by the campfire and sitting outside, reading, relaxing, and just enjoying each other's company. It was the nicest break we've taken in as long as I can remember.

We both left feeling totally refreshed and ready to get back to the real world. Getawaycabins start at just $89 a night- such a wonderful escape and a great way to give yourself a break from screen time. It helped us both slow down and spend quality time together, without the interruptions of phones.

We've already booked our next stay; I can't wait to see how stunning the landscape looks in autumn. Getaway cabins allow you to escape life for a little while and enjoy all of the benefits of nature, without having to pitch a tent and eat food from a tin can! Truly the best of both worlds.

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