Looking For An Affordable Escape? Try Getaway

Every year my partner and I used to go on a vacation. Far or close it was something we did together - a way to unwind and reconnect. We obviously had to put a halt to this recently but now it's time to get back to old favorites and take a much-needed break together.

I turned to the internet and got spammed with pricey hotel packages in the Bahamas and Maldives! That was definitely out of the question. Not only because it’s beyond my budget, but I wasn’t in the mood for all the fuss of a crowded hotel. Plus, what would we do with our puppy, Abby?

I wanted to find something more intimate, in nature and close to our home (it's our first vacation in a while). After adjusting my Google search, up popped Getaway — tiny cabins located in the middle of nature with Outposts only two hours away from major cities all across the U.S.

Their cabins are fully equipped with everything we’d ever need: a queen bed, kitchen, bathroom, AC/heat, everyday essentials like linens, bath towels, soap, shampoo… there’s even a fire pit for a campfire.

What really impressed me was that their cabins are designed to help you take a break from work and stress, like stash your phone away and genuinely enjoy the company of those who matter most. So there’s no WiFi but instead a cell phone lockbox — how genius! Finally, we actually get to spend time together and focus on just us.

When I saw that Getaway cabin rentals start at only $86 per night and that we could bring our dog, Abby, for a small fee, I was certain I’d found the perfect relaxing vacation. As an extra surprise, I added-to-cart The Starry Eyes Kit — one of Getaway’s Experience Kits. It comes with an oil diffuser and essential oils, a vase with dried flowers, conversation cards to spark thoughtful conversations, and massage oil — I couldn’t wait!

The drive up was lightning quick, and the cabin was a breeze to find. The first day we simply relaxed and later, sipped champagne outside in the Adirondack chairs underneath the stars. It was exquisite to disconnect from our everyday stresses and savor this rare quality time together. Honestly, I don’t remember the last time we had such engaging conversations.

The following afternoon, we hiked to a fantastic winery close by and took in some gorgeous views. In the evening, we cooked one of Getaway’s campfire recipes, Rosemary Garlic Pork Chops — that was really tasty!

It was by far the best trip we’ve ever had. So simple, yet incredibly beautiful and inspiring. We got back home so relaxed and refreshed, ready to face everyday life again.

We’ve decided to establish an annual Getaway routine that we’ll be sure to look forward to all year!

If you're looking to kick back with nature and reconnect with your partner — check out Getaway.

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