Gifts Your Parents and In-Laws Will Truly Love

The tougher people are to shop for, the longer I put off shopping for them.

I’m the person my friends go to for recommendations for their gift shopping. And yet, when it comes to some of the people closest to me, I draw a complete blank. In my life, the people who always draw the short-stick when they open my gifts are the men in my life — oh, and let's not forget my parents.

It’s a sorry sight around our Christmas tree. My sisters grinning. My friends texting me their thanks in all caps and exclamation points. And my brothers and parents … scratching their heads, faking a smile. What can I say? When I win, I win big. When I fail, I fall hard.

But I’ve finally cracked the code. This year, I’ve been plotting and planning my gift ideas since summer — at least. My parents are going to be in for a surprise when they discover I’ve actually gotten them something they won’t have to pretend to like.

And in my perusing, I’ve gathered the perfect gifts for every kind of parent — and every sort of In-Law, too. It doesn’t matter if your relationships with the older generations in your family are as wholesome as a classic holiday portrait — or you have one of those Succession or White Lotus families.

This gift guide will help you nail those presents this holiday season and any time you need a gift hereafter:

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If they’re a seasoned host

If they love to throw a party, hold a bash, tap their spoons against a glass to catch everyone’s attention, then hear ye, hear ye. Look no further for chic gifts they can display or use for even more fabulous gatherings.

If they’re into GOOP or biohacking

If they’re constantly lecturing you about eating healthier, trying a trendy new wellness craze, or sending you articles on how to live longer, these gifts might get them off your back. At the very least, they might help them chill out.

If they’re the blueprint for Coastal Grandmother aesthetic

They’re something out of a Nancy Meyer movie. They’ve moved somewhere balmy or by the water — or they’re always wishing for a vacation. They have exquisite taste and they’re not afraid to let you know it. Show them you inherited their penchant for finer things.

If they’re granola

They’ve taken up gardening, they’re into natural remedies and the Cali-sober lifestyle. Or perhaps they seek to be more in touch with the earth and nature. These picks will help them along their way.

If they’re not a regular parent, they’re a cool parent

For the parent or In-Laws that make you call them their first name because they don’t want to feel old — reassure them that they’re still cool with these trendy yet timeless gifts.

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