The New Heated Razor By Gillette Is The Ultimate Gift For Any Man In Your Life

It's sort of an unwritten rule of relationships -- you get to steal your boyfriend's stuff. Comfy sweatshirts, favorite baseball cap, boxers- you name it, I've rocked it. When Tom and I moved in together last year, I started using his toiletries, causing some small tiffs. And while the merging of possessions (and the fights that go along with it!) is a normal part of the move-in period, when his birthday rolled around this year, I wanted to get him something that would just be for him. He loves gadgets, so when I heard about Gillette's new Heated Razor, it sounded like the perfect way to get him an everyday luxury that he could enjoy for just himself.

Gillette has taken all of their knowledge behind what makes a great shave to develop cutting edge heating technology to mimic the luxury of a pricey hot towel shave at home. Tom was excited to try it but was a little unsure if the shave would be that much better than just running his normal razor under a hot tap. The next morning, he woke me up raving about the gift I had gotten him- finally something he'll actually use! Here's why Gillette's Heated Razoris the ideal gift for any man in your life.

Heating Technology

Tom has gotten a professional hot towel shave a couple of times, and always raved about how close the shave was and how relaxing the overall experience was. With Gillette's warming bar technology, he gets to recreate that every day at home. The razor heats up in literally one second and has multiple heat settings, ranging from 109 degrees Fahrenheit to 122, allowing you to adjust it to your preferred temperature. The waterproof warming bar sits just under the 5 bladed cartridge and applies soothing heat for a smooth shave.

5 Blades With FlexDisk

I know he had been using Gillette razors since he was a teenager, so I was pretty confident that he'd love this upgrade. The Heated Razor is so effective because it pairs Gillette's 5 blades, with a warming bar right underneath. The flex disk glides and moves with the lines of your face, and allows the blades to reach every inch, resulting in a much more even shave.

Tech Perks

Tom definitely loves the soothing sensation of the Gillette Heated Razor, but he totally geeked out over all of the techy features, too. It has a Li-Ion rechargeable battery that lasts up to 6 shaves and the innovative razor charges by standing vertically on a magnetic charging dock. The intelligent heat control system means that it's able to get back to the desired heat in lightning speed, even after it's run under a cold tap. And I must say, the sleek chrome design does look pretty snazzy on our bathroom sink!

The Perfect Gift For Any Man In Your Life

So many men already love Gillette, and now their Heated Razor is a perfect gift for any man in your life. It adds a little bit of luxury to the start of your day, and would be a great present for your dad, brother or even if you want to give your Grandpa the 21st-century lesson in shaving!

Now, my boyfriend looks forward to what used to be a mundane morning experience. This is the perfect way to spoil the special men in your life who deserve to treat themselves but don't know how. The Heated Razor is like a spa-like experience; perfectly pampering, but even better because it can be experienced again and again from the comfort of your own home.

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