Are Electric Toothbrushes Worth It? Only One Is: GLEEM

Have you ever bought a much cuter version of a standard dull item, like a toothbrush? You're willing to pay a little more for it because it's gorgeous. But when you break open that packaging and give it a use, it's junk.

As a design student, I live for form and function. I'm selective to the point where every object I own is a reflection of my personal taste and has to work right, or I trash it. I guess it's genetic - my mom's an interior designer.

She sends these monthly care packages: a mix of delicacies and the latest trends from luxury chocolates to palladian blue socks. I love my mom so much, cause she totally knows what I love. Last month I got a gleaming white GLEEM portable toothbrush.

At first, I wasn't sure why my mom was sending me such a boring item. But the minute I took it out of its enticing travel case, I saw why. Do you know how most electric toothbrushes are as clunky as your granddad's first cell-phone? Well, the GLEEM toothbrush is way beyond that.

It is - what can I say? - iconic.

It goes with my bathroom, sitting on the sink looking super sexy, but it's also a thoughtful electric toothbrush. It's lightweight because it's battery operated - AAA. And both the battery and the brush head are replaceable - so much better than adding my disposable toothbrushes to the landfill.

When I picked it up, it fit perfectly in my hand. For my first brush, I was shocked that it's so quiet – most electric toothbrushes sound like leaf blowers. GLEEM's softer sonic bristle vibrations gently brush my teeth, without sacrificing a deep clean.

I thought it couldn't get any better until I looked at the price - it only costs $25! I went out and bought a black model which I tossed in my bag – so sleek, so chic, so light. It travels to school with me. Some nights I don't get home until 2 am, so I can quickly touch up my teeth between classes, or after a couple of Malbecs.

At the end of the day, GLEEM helps me feel confident and beautiful – able to roll with my days. And with my nights. My smile says it all.

UPDATE: Be one of the FIRST to try GLEEM's new electric toothbrush!

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