Why You Should Take A Second Look At Your Skincare Products

I always knew I wanted to be a mother. I grew up the oldest of seven children -- "enough for a soccer team!" my Dad would say -- and it felt like my mother was always either pregnant or nursing. So when my doctor said ovulatory dysfunction was making it difficult to conceive, I was determined to do everything in my power to combat it. That included taking a hard look at the beauty and skincare products I used every day. What I found shocked me. My everyday hairspray, sunscreen, and mascara all contained carcinogens, which contribute to cell and organ damage, and -- the most shocking as I tried to get pregnant -- are linked to infertility and birth defects.

A lot of products don't list dangerous ingredients, or list them in a way that's difficult to understand if you aren't a chemist. I did some deep research on my mommy-blogs and discovered Follain, a retailer for clean and safe beauty products. They have a team of experts to do the work for you, so we can trust that harmful toxins will never be included in any of the personal care products we buy. You can even get a "clean consult" where a representative will show you products to fit your needs -- in my case, products safe for pregnancy that are also effective on my dry, sensitive skin.

Follain works with a ton of brands, so I don't have to sacrifice having options to go clean. I get to keep all the fun of a normal shopping experience -- comparing products, prices, colors -- but without the worry. And there's no quality sacrifice either. I've found that many of the clean products work better than their processed counterparts that I was used to. At first, I was nervous to try new products, as my skin has always been on the dry side and I had gotten into a routine … but those toxic products had to go! I tried Follain's Hydration Kit, which contained a cleanser, toner and moisturizing oil that were all 100% toxic and cruelty free.

The Hydration Kit was a great way for me to start my clean beauty journey. The rose oil in the cleanser made my skin smell and feel great, and the toner contained coconut water, which made it feel more moisturized than ever before. The kit also included a gentle exfoliating cloth, which was a godsend for someone like me who needs to exfoliate because of dryness, but struggles with harsh products that irritate my sensitive skin. Follain made it easy to find exactly what I was looking for. I was so happy with my new skincare routine, that I eventually moved on to bath and body products as well. Instead of going to the drugstore to buy a new bottle of shampoo or lotion when I run out, I now visit Follain's site to find a clean replacement.

I'm happy to say that I'm officially expecting and so far the pregnancy is a healthy one. But I'm not taking any chances. Regulating what I expose my body to is just one way I can take control of a pregnancy process that often feels beyond my power. I've expanded my doctor's original suggestion, and now I follow this rule: if I can't pronounce something, it doesn't go in or on my body. I have loved all of the products I have tried so far, and my skin is my hydrated than ever before. Thanks to Follain, I feel safer knowing I'm not taking risks on my health or the health of my family.

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