Good American: A Pair Of Jeans For Every Shape And Size

Ladies, have you fallen out of love with your jeans lately? Us too.

Like any good love affair, highs and lows are inevitable. It seems like every brand we try leaves us wanting something more...longer inseams, stronger belt loops, more flattering designs...but mostly, we just want a pair of jeans that makes us feel good and accentuates our goodies.

A good pair of jeans should hug your curves, move with your body and make you feel amazing...something our editors thought was impossible until we tried Good American. Whether you're slim, curvy, tall, or short, through their inclusive range of denim sizes(00 to plus size 34'), Good American has a comfortable and fabulous pair of jeans just for you.

Good American jeans are made using innovative fabrics and features that make them functional, comfortable and flattering for all body types-- everything we've been looking for in our denim!

We had 3 of our editors with different styles and needs put them to the ultimate test. Here's what they found:

The girl who goes from day to night

Favorite Pair: Good Legs Skinny

Experience: I live in skinny jeans, and without a doubt, I can say Good American are up there with some of the best I've tried. My butt looks amazing in all of their jeans. I always struggled before to find jeans with a shorter inseam, and Good American jeans have options for both longer and shorter inseams, meaning I finally own a pair of skinny jeans that didn't need to be rolled up!

These jeans are next-level comfortable and take me from conference calls to downtown happy hours. When I first saw them online and even when I took them out of the box I imagined I'd have to shimmy my way into them(you know that skinny jean dance!) but that all went out the window as soon as I stepped into my Good Americans.

They weren't just easy to slide on, but once I was in them I felt so secure and confident. They lifted my booty in ways other jeans haven't and the tummy-smoothing tech gives these skinny jeans an amazing core panel that holds everything in just right. Plus, there wasn't an annoying waistband gap that I've had to deal with when wearing other fitted denim jeans.

The girl who lives in denim

Favorite Pair: Always Fits Ripped

Experience: No matter the occasion, I'm the kind of girl who finds a way to incorporate denim into each of my looks. As a self-proclaimed jean connoisseur I know how important it is to invest in a quality pair of jeans, that'll last the wear and tear of being in my 24/7 rotation. And if the jeans help emphasize my booty, even better.

A friend recommended I try Good American and insisted that they were worth the hype. My IG has been flooded with these jeans lately, but I'm always wary of buying denim online. I'm short and curvy, so finding jeans that fit is always a challenge. My friend assured me I would love them so I decided to try them out for myself

Wow - I used to have jeans that would only fit on good days, but the Always Fits Ripped makes me feel good on the good days, bad days and everything in between! Their innovative stretch "Always Fits" technology means that they adapt to your body's changes up to four sizes. I've already gotten more use out of my Good American jeans than other pairs thanks to this innovative stretch tech. No matter what life throws at me, I can wear my Good American's and still feel good about myself.

I also love the fact that my Good American jeans are machine-washable and made with recovery fabric, meaning they will hold their shape and color for longer.

The girl who wants to show off what she's got

Favorite Pair: Good Waist Crop

Experience: I got compliments the first time I wore my Good American jeans out and all my friends kept asking what I did to accentuate my curves in all the right places. "Your booty looks lifted and firm, how," they questioned. Of course, I told them all about my new discovery--the Good Waist Crop Jean from Good American.

From the moment I first tried them on, Good American stretched comfortably and slid over everything like a glove. I couldn't believe that they helped sculpt my silhouette and boost my confidence. They're made from organic cotton, so the fabric is super breathable, and the frayed hems give this pair a stylish twist.

I can finally say goodbye to worrying about the environmental issues that come from creating what I'm wearing. With GA's responsible denim I don't have to choose my need to show off over my love for sustainability, since their jeans are made with fewer chemicals, use less water to make, and overall have a reduced energy footprint than other denim brands.

After years of scouring stores, never finding my size, and trying on millions of unflattering jeans made by companies who could care less about the environment, Good American has answered my denim prayers.

If you're tired of wasting time and money on jeans that don't fit or need to be replaced frequently, then it's time you looked into Good American. With over 19 different styles to choose from, Good American has a stylish pair of jeans that can provide comfort and emphasize your assets, with your name written all over them.

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