Why I'm Getting My Grass Fed Meat Delivered From Now On

Instead of a sweet tooth, I have a meat tooth. All my life, I've been a hardcore carnivore, and never really thought about the ingredients of a hot dog. That is, until my best friend recommended this podcast to me about the horrors of the meat industry (she knows I can't resist a good story). I had no idea that the quality of the majority of the meat consumed in the US is extremely low. I didn't want to put anything that could end up harming me into my body, so I knew I needed to find another source of meat.

I remembered my friend raving about the steaks her and her husband had had the week before, so I reached out to her about where she got them from. She found a high-quality meat distributor that practices ethical, sustainable farming in the U.S. She uses Wild Pastures, a membership club that produces and delivers 100% grass fed and pasture-raised meats at an affordable price. My meat would be sourced from honest farmers near me, so this felt like a great way to ensure the quality of what I was eating!

I thought it might be weird to order meat online, but she said it tastes better than anything you can buy in stores, and for the quality, it's unbeatable. I really liked how open they were about their farming practices - they use a rotational grazing technique that doesn't use pesticides or herbicides, so they have healthier and happier cows. I also loved that I could be certain these toxins wouldn't be passed down to me from the meat.

As a lover of steak and extremely busy person, the idea of having meat that would typically be hard to find delivered right to my door was irresistible. I also loved having the ability to create custom boxes, so alongside my steak, I received lovely pork chops (and they turned into one of the best meals I've ever made!)

The cuts of meat were all high-quality and lean; no weird organs here. I decided to make sirloin steaks for dinner, which would be way less expensive than from a restaurant. With just the classic salt and pepper and a touch of my favorite rub, I cooked them to a perfect medium rare, slightly on the side of rare for my partner. Now I can tell you, we have tried meat from lots of different store in an attempt to find the best. Everywhere from Whole Foods, Omaha Steaks to Costco. I thought we had found the best until I tried this Wild Pastures steak. The meat is consistently rich in flavor, juicy and simply great quality.

diagram showing how the Wild Pastures grass fed meat delivery subscription works

To get access to this meat and savings, there's a yearly membership fee, like Costco, at $59 or $79 with free shipping. Then, you get to choose the frequency of how often you receive your meat. I started with a $267 order of meat because that came out to under $9 a pound of the highest quality meats in my area, but there are also smaller box options.

I now know that eating meat can be hit or miss, but with Wild Pastures' sustainable, ethically-sourced, and super nutritious meat, I feel better knowing that I am consuming food that helps me thrive. If you're looking to take your well being, and the environment's, into your own hands, Wild Pastures is a great first step in this journey!

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