A Couple’s Guide To A Healthy Recipe Box Delivery Service

It got so awful, I sent Julian out to Tesco and we ate crisps - Salt & Vinegar for me and Prawn Cocktail for Julian…for our tea. And for afters? Cadbury Fruit & Nut. I won’t fib, it was deeply satisfying not to mention convenient. But my complexion paid for it the next morning.

Our trouble is we’re both so wrecked from our jobs that at the end of the day we have absolutely no idea what to cook for dinner. When we do manage to scrape up the energy we alternate between 3 and 4 dinners that hardly carry us through a single week. And we’re beyond bored with takeaway.

That’s when Julian suggested we try Green Chef - a recipe box subscription service that makes it super straightforward to eat healthy. It’s incredibly popular in the US and now that it’s landed in the UK it’s been all over Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

So we both pulled Green Chef up on our mobiles. Each week there are 17 tempting, nutritionist-curated recipes to choose from. Warning: do not go on that site if you’re hungry - you’ll want every mouth-watering dish.

The wonderful thing about Green Chef is they feature seasonal ingredients and local suppliers wherever possible. And they’re also part of the Sustainable Seafood Coalition. So their meat, fish, and produce are incredibly fresh.

We were convinced by the ability to change, skip weeks or opt-out if ever we want. The subscription was super simple. There are 5 different diet preferences to choose from - keto, lower carb, vegetarian, vegan and flexitarian - serving either 2 or 4 people with 3 or 4 recipes each week.

Starting at only £4.63 per serving. If their meals taste as fine as they look, it would be an unbeatable value. We decided to see for ourselves and chose 2 people for 3 meals a week and then turned our focus to the Green Chef menu.

First of all I’d never heard of this Flexitarian diet. But Julian explained that it’s mainly vegetarian with occasional forays into meat and fish. Sign me up! He chose the keto-friendly Bunless Beef Burger with Balsamic Onions, Avocado & a Side Salad.

I insisted we go global and vegan with the Dukkah Crusted Butternut Squash Wedges.

We were just thrilled when our Green Chef box arrived on our doorstep. All the ingredients came neatly packed and pre-portioned for zero food waste! Also, Green Chef really is green - they’re the first carbon-neutral recipe box company. They offset their direct emissions and box plastics by investing in green projects across the UK.

But back to that first night - aprons on - we were ready. The colourful photo step-by-step recipe cards detail the entire process. This meal supposedly takes 40-minutes from prep-to-plate. So I set the timer on my mobile to see if we could actually hit the mark.

The clock was ticking, so we cleverly split the tasks between us. While Julian chopped the veg and prepped the butternut squash, I chucked the giant couscous in a saucepan to cook and mixed up the Dill Coconut Yoghurt Dressing. Confession: I dipped a finger in to taste and it was yummers.

We breezed around the kitchen sipping wine and listening to Mis-Teeq’s All I Want - cheffing it up! You’re not gonna believe it, but 30 minutes later, we tucked into the most delish, plant-powered dinner.

There’s no going back for us, we are totally in love with Green Chef.These days, we regularly treat ourselves to restaurant-quality dishes like Steak au Poivrewith Smashed Potatoes. (Though crisps-n-Cadbury for dinner isn’t completely off the table.)

If you want to spice up your relationship, go on a culinary adventure around the world with Green Chef.

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