You Need Hailey Bieber’s Jacket This Fall

Fall is arguably the most difficult season to shop for, in my humble opinion. Some days it’s a balmy 80 degrees and sunny…other days it’s raining and 60 with a brisk windchill. You truly can never win.

For me, it’s about light layering with temperature-regulating fabrics like linen, cotton, rayon, silk, and polyester. Even a fleece will do…but a jacket is almost non-negotiable with the brisk mornings and chilly nighttime.

When I was in college, jackets were a disposable item. The term “fracket” or frat jacket was coined to define an age-old, ratty hoodie you were willing to wear on top of your nicest outfit and potentially have it stolen by another girl…just for you to take someone else's.

Now, however, your jacket has to also be a part of your outfit. You can’t be seen wearing just any hoodie…it has to be intentional. A sweatsuit is always a good idea, but a zip-up Disney World XXXL is a no-go. Noted.

With the rise in popularity of athleisure and streetwear, a slightly on-purpose-oversized jacket is a definite statement piece. Whether you’re a fan of the classic bomber, or leather jacket, or you’re more of a cardigan person…there’s a go-to fall jacket for everyone.

And, surprisingly, a lot of celebrities wear semi-accessible brands when it comes to outerwear. Like, there isn’t a comma in the price tag? Can’t ask for much more than that!

If you’re looking for fall 2023 outerwear that’s celebrity-approved and timeless, look no further. Here’s what everyone’s wearing.

Hailey Bieber- FILA F-box Anniversary Track Jacket

Hailey Bieber for FILA

Renell Madrano, FILA

As FILA’s new global brand ambassador, Hailey Bieber has been sporting the FILA track jacket from their anniversary collection.

“I am grateful to expand my role with FILA, a brand that has always stood out for its quality, elegance, and bold and beautiful designs,” says Hailey Bieber. “I appreciate the brand's Italian heritage and the eras of FILA fashion where I can continue to draw inspiration. I am excited to bring my own point of view to FILA's iconic styles, as we work to create something special together.”

It’s the perfect sporty jacket to throw over your plain white tank, a crop top, or whatever you want truly. A must-have this season.

Kaia Gerber - FP Movement Hit The Slopes Fleece 

When asked for the “Kaia Gerber Special”, the Free People Movement representatives, in unison, exclaimed: “The Hit The Slopes Jacket!!!” A cute semi-cropped fleece in every color imaginable (and Kaia has them all), this is the perfect jacket for both fall and winter.

Vanessa Hudgens- Free People Dolman Quilted Knit Jacket 

Every celebrity ever (Lucy Hale, Olivia Wilde, Emma Roberts, etc.) has been seen in this Free People jacket…and quilted patterns are all the rage right now. A classic every fall.

Hailey Bieber, again- Zara Faux Leather Bomber Jacket 

Okay, this definitely isn’t the one Hailey Bieber is wearing this fall…but it’s pretty close. A leather bomber is a fun take on the classic jacket (and looks great with streetwear — and pretty much any look — too).

Gigi Hadid - Abercrombie Women’s Boyfriend Suiting Blazer 

Again, I’m going off script here…but for a good cause. We are going bigger with our blazers this fall, but this suiting staple is always going to be famous.

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