The Best Haircare Products For Quarantine Hair

Chances are you've either learned to cut your own hair, or you've learned to live with your messy do.

But luckily there are plenty of ways to manage your never ending bed head, and keep yourself looking relatively presentable for those company Zoom calls. It's true that if you color treat your locks then you might feel like you need a total makeover, but there are plenty of at-home methods to help you maintain your swagger until those salons open back up. For those suffering from split ends, dry scalp, or just overt messiness, here are a few of the best products to help you solve your haircare woes.

Any of Hairstory's Products


For those looking for a package deal, Hairstory prides itself on offering an all inclusive deal for those looking to truly upgrade their hair care. "Hairstory products help liberate us from negative norms that limit the expression of innate beauty," the company said on their website. Hairstory offers a variety of kits that include a collection of cleansers customized for your hair. No, these cleansers are not shampoos, unlike shampoos, these creamy cleansers offer essential oils and natural ingredients that deep clean your locks without stripping it of protective oils.

Learn more about the Hairstory revolution by clicking here!

Rahua Hydration Shampoo


Shampooing, and bathing in general, may not be very high on your to do list these days, but if your hair needs a refresh, Rahua hydrates your locks without stripping them clean of its protective oils. It's crafted without harsh sulfates or alcohol, and helps to fortify and nourish the natural oils in your hair. Throw in a dash of omega-3 lipids and antioxidants, and Rahua will leave your luscious locks feeling soft and controlled.

But regardless of the shampoo you choose, make sure to not overdo it, a reliable conditioner should be a daily ritual, but shampooing should be a once a week occurrence.

Nounou Conditioner


Speaking of conditioner, this tub of Nounou is rich in jojoba oil, Vitamin C tomato extract and glycerin to help smooth and control frizzy hair. It's thick, goopy texture works well on both fine and coarse hair alike, and is the preferable conditioner for those who have chemically processed their hair. Not to mention it smells fantastic!

Aquis Rapid Dry Lisse Hair Towel


A bad towel can completely undo a good shampoo or conditioning session. Ideally, you should let your hair air dry, but a great towel or head wrap can be just as effective in maintaining good hair. the Aquis Rapid Dry Lisse Hair Towel is made with microfibers, so this sleek hair wrap dries your hair without the rubbing and pulling of an ordinary bath towel. These wraps also dry hair five times faster than a regular bath towel, and helps reduce frizz.

Revlon Salon One Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer

Revlon Salone One Step

Of course, no haircare collection is complete without a reliable hairbrush. The Revlon Salon One Step has been regularly ranked as one of the best hairbrushes ever made, and for good reason. It's a sturdy round brush and a powerful blowdryer all in one, and in turn cuts your styling time in half. It's seamless design makes styling and drying your hair easier than ever, and it comes with different settings to accommodate your hair's needs!

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