A Match Made in Healthy Hair Heaven: Hairstory New Wash + Hair Oil

There is nothing better than a perfect pair. Wine with dinner? Done. Hamburgers and fries? Ordered. Cheese and… everything? Say less.

This year, I've decided to go all-in with my self-care rituals, indulge in all my favorite pairings, and I’ve even gone so far as to add a new dynamic duo: Hairstory Hair Oil + New Wash.

I’ve been seeing Hairstory New Wash around for a while – it’s a cleansing cream that replaces traditional shampoo and conditioner, and cleanses your scalp and hair without the harsh chemicals and stripping detergents found in most brands.

New Wash is made with essential oils and naturally-derived ingredients instead of detergents, so my hair can stay as healthy as possible with fewer washes. Plus, I can ditch the conditioner and even skip my second wash day.

I was teetering with New Wash, but when Hairstory released their new Hair Oil, it was an automatic add-to-cart situation. Hair Oil works to reduce frizz, soften texture, and hide some of that damage I may have gotten from years of too-hot straighteners.

Just like New Wash, Hair Oil ingredients are essential oil game-changers that don’t include any harsh additives. The oils include Evening Primrose, Safflower, Abyssinian, Argan, Murumuru, Babassu, Jojoba, and Sunflower that work together to moisturize, limit breakage, and add that healthy shine.

Like the perfect wine and cheese pairing, New Wash and Hair Oil work in shifts. While other hair oils are notorious for sitting on top of hair strands and are hard to wash out, Hairstory has their bases covered with both oil and wash playing specific roles.

Hair Oil was specifically designed with a lightweight silicone that doesn’t build up on the hair shaft, and New Wash compliments the oil perfectly, easily removing any excess. While New Wash goes to work to promote the health of the hair and scalp, the Oil is key to maintaining healthy hair.

Sure, cheese and wine are the perfect match, but I officially have a new favorite pairing thanks to Hairstory's New Wash and Hair Oil.

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