My Experience Using Hairstory's New Wash

If my hair looks good, I feel good. When my hair is at its best, I'm at my best. Unfortunately, over the last few years, my good hair days have become less and less frequent.

Determined to get my luscious locks back, I bought every voluminous, repairing, and scalp energizing shampoo, conditioner, and treatment I could find. Over the last 2 years, I have tried nearly every product. Yes, some of them made my hair softer for about a day, but that was it - zero long-lasting benefits.

Then I met up with my best friend, Michelle, who I hadn't seen in months. "Your hair is fabulous" were the first words out of my mouth. It looked fuller, shinier, long and super healthy. "All I've been using the last few months is New Wash from Hairstory", she told me.

What?! Just one product to get hair like that? I couldn't believe it. What is this New Wash?

"It's a shampoo alternative that cleans your hair without the harmful drying effects from shampoo," Michelle told me.

Shampoo was the problem. It's not great to wash your hair every single day. Your hair needs its natural oils to be healthy. But we continue to strip our hair with shampoo and add in conditioner to get that soft and silky hair we all crave.

To be honest, I still found it hard to believe. Would it really work on my hair? That's when I discovered Hairstory's 23-question quiz that asked me everything about my hair; length, dyed/not dyed, what hair products I currently use, thickness, texture, oiliness, and even my age range. At the end, they told me exactly which New Wash — Original, Rich or Deep — I needed, and recommended one styling product suitable for my hair type and my hair goals.

No way this one product could do everything I needed. Plus, I wasn't convinced how clean my hair would look or feel after using it.

"Have you tried it yet?", were the first words out of Michelle's mouth the next time we met up. And of course, I hadn't but seeing how luscious her hair looked and how much she was raving about it, maybe I needed to.

I took the plunge and a few days later, my New Wash Original was here and I used it for the first time. At first, I thought it was interesting that it didn't foam like other shampoos, but then I realized what makes generic shampoos foam is all the harmful detergents that strip your hair of what it needs to be healthy. I waited until I used it a few times before making my full judgment to see how my hair really adapted to it. Hairstory says that it can take up to a couple of washes for your hair to fully get used to it.

After my first week, my hair was shinier, softer, and felt so much fuller. I went back and ordered Hairstory's Powder too, which they also recommended for my hair but I waited to make sure the wash worked first. After a month of using only Hairstory, my hair is everything I ever wanted it to be.

New Wash uses a proprietary blend of essential oils and naturally-derived saturated cleansers. Unlike the shampoos I used to use, it's detergent-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free, synthetic fragrance-free, and cruelty-free!

Plus, I love their convenient Refill Club. You subscribe and get a discount on New Wash, plus receive free shipping, travel accessories, and shower accessories! As a Refill Club member, Hairstory will send you a refillable aluminum container with a pump dispenser. Then you'll be sent a refill pouch to refill your bottle depending on the frequency you need for your hair. I like the added benefit of cutting down on my plastic waste.

Who knew my perfect hair care routine could be so simple? Hairstory is breaking down the barriers in haircare with the truth. 8oz of New Wash costs $40, but I find that a little goes a long way and it lasts me way longer than the generic shampoo I was using before. Plus, I no longer need to buy conditioner, so I'm saving money in that sense. Hairstory has finally put an end to my search for the ultimate hair products out there.

7 More Reasons Why I Love Hairstory's New Wash

Less waste - reusable aluminum bottles and refill pouches so I no longer have to keep buying plastic bottles

Eco-friendly - they donate 1% to the planet

No longer need other products - no conditioner, masks, or detanglers

Saves me money - Time between purchases = 82 days That's only 3-4 bottles a year

Less washing - with no overproduction of oil

Natural, cruelty-free formulas - only high-quality essential oils and natural cleansers

Keeps my colored hair vibrant

Take Hairstory's Quiz Now To Find Out What Product Is Right For You!

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