How To Get Hair Goals This Summer In One Easy Step

Getting "summer-ready" has taken on a whole new meaning this year. We were equally excited and a little stressed by it all. But then we discovered Hairstory and now we are ready to go, no matter what this summer has in store!

The biggest challenge for most of us in the summer months is our hair. Maybe we will go a little lighter with the color, get bangs, layers, go longer or shorter. Anything goes during the summer months, maybe even pastel balayage! No matter what style we opt for, we still have the same issues of having to maintain it once we leave the salon; washing it, conditioning it, hydrating it with masks, serums, and oils. And with the heat and humidity, washing seems like a daily occurrence.

That's why when we found Hairstory, we needed to know if it really gives us the Hot Girl Summer Hair (all year round)?

For a long time, we've known that our shampoos are full of chemicals and a complete hoax, making us believe it is cleaning our hair while only further damaging it. But it is so hard to break away from the ritual we have been following our whole lives.

This is where Hairstory's New Wash comes in and makes the process of transitioning your hair out of the vicious cycle of wash, grease, and wash again. New Wash is your safe and effective replacement for shampoo and conditioner. It's a scalp and hair cleanser, and it cleans without stripping your hair of its natural oils or damaging the natural microbiome that keeps it healthy.

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We were nervous and totally unsure if switching would be the right thing for our locks, but if it meant breaking away from shampooing and conditioning every second day, why not give New Wash a try. And after 2 weeks of sticking with it, you will never look back (different hair takes a different time to adjust). It's the best thing we have ever done for our hair!!!

New Wash is powered by both essential oils and naturally-derived non-detergent cleansing ingredients - no sulfates, parabens, or harsh chemicals that strip your hair. Not only will you be washing your hair less and less, but it will look and feel the healthiest it has ever been. And no need for conditioner, New Wash has it all.

There are three versions of New Wash with one to suit every type of hair. It comes in 8oz, 20oz, and 32 oz for a one-time purchase, or you can subscribe to their Refill Club and choose whatever frequency you'd like to receive your Hairstory deliveries. The Refill Club also gives you a discount and comes with a free aluminum dispenser with a pump, a travel jar, and free shipping! Your subsequent New Wash comes in a pouch that you place into your aluminum dispenser. Hairstory's ingredients are also biodegradable so better for the planet as well as my hair.

If you finally want to give your hair the best treatment, break that grease cycle, and streamline your hair care routine, then you need Hairstory's New Wash. They also have other products too, from a hair balm to dry shampoo if you want to add in more styling products.

This summer is all about trying new things, and most of all doing the best for you (and your hair). The best time to make the switch is now because the only thing our hair needs this summer is Hairstory!

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