How I'm Giving My Hair A Fresh Start In 2022

For the last few months, I have been feeling ugh. It's time to snap out of it. But how?

My beauty routine has been feeling a little lackluster, so I decided I needed to get it back on track, focusing on wellness and anything that would help me feel more like myself. The biggest challenge was going to be my hair. I have been skipping a lot of hair wash days for months now, flinging it up into a bun, using store-bought shampoo, not getting it cut, and basically neglecting it completely.

My hair deserves better.

First stop was the hair salon: get rid of those knotting split ends and add some cute new bangs cause I needed a change. I couldn't just stop there, I was feelin' myself with my new hair but I needed to keep it looking this healthy and fresh long-term.

I've tried so many shampoos, conditioners, and masks before that gave me zero results. I needed to find something new, something that would treat my hair in the best way possible.

It didn't take long for me to notice that Hairstory was popping up in everyone's reviews. Hairstoryoffers an alternative to shampoo and conditioner. Their New Wash is literally the new way to wash your hair without any harmful chemicals or drying ingredients that you find in store-bought products. And it doesn't stop there. They offer so many other hair products to style and nourish your hair with real ingredients.

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, "Jojoba" seed oil, "Evening Primrose" oil, Sunflower seed oil, Rose oil, Keratin, reading the natural ingredients Hairstory uses got me thinking about all those chemicals I was washing my hair with. My hair needed natural ingredients, not harmful sulfates that just strip it. But was I ready to completely switch?

To help make up my mind about what product I should use, I took Hairstory's quiz, with 23 in-depth questions that covered everything about my hair, my routine, and my hair goals. And in the end, it recommended what products would best suit my hair. It was so easy and there was no way that I could have known what products to get without it.

I was excited but mostly curious to try Hairstory so I could finally get my hair to be healthy and I ordered my New Wash Original. A few days later it arrived at my door, just in time for hair wash day.

I gave it a go a couple of times before making my judgment. After two weeks of using only my New Wash, I was sold. My hair has never felt cleaner and healthier. Plus, I don't have to wash my hair as often, it stays fresh for longer the more I use my New Wash.

I was so impressed with the New Wash that I went back and ordered the HairstoryPowder and Hair Balm too. And, I signed up to their Refill Club. This way I received an aluminum dispenser with a pump and then every 8 weeks (you can choose your own frequency), my New Wash gets delivered in a refillable pouch. I never have to worry about running out or having to pick up shampoo or conditioner anymore and not only is Hairstorys natural formula good for the environment but so is their refillable packaging.

Goodbye to greasy bun days, now my hair looks luscious and healthy every day. The Hairstory products were the perfect addition to my beauty and wellness routine, making me and my hair look and feel fabulous every day.

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