We Love Hairstory’s New Wash, You Will Too

Our hair has grown through a rough couple of months - the sun, the sand, and the heat can take a toll.

We all have different hairstyles and routines. All shampoos contain detergents, which strip the natural oils on your scalp leaving them dry and undernourished. It's time to move to a detergent-free brand that understands the uniqueness of every hair type. And we have found the brand - Hairstory.

We asked three different people to give Hairstory's New Wash a try and this is what they found.

The Color Fanatic

Favorite feature: Less Frequent Washes

Experience: Ever since I can remember, I have colored my hair; I really love my highlights. Over the years with my generic shampoo, my highlights are fading quicker. Usually, they would last a few months, but now it seems like I am back at the salon redoing my color every month.

Unlike generic shampoos, Hairstory's New Wash shampoo does not contain detergents that strip your scalp and remove any impurity whether it needs to go or not.

New Wash's formula is strong enough to remove all the impurities that need to go but retains all the things that need to stay. Their cleanser helps preserve color molecules, aiding in overall color retention. Plus, without the harsh detergents, it means less oil production, less washing and ultimately less color down the drain.

The Girl With A Never-ending Routine

Favorite Feature: Only One Product

Experience: I need so many different hair products - shampoo, conditioner, oils and don't even get me started on styling. Hairstory's New Wash is one product that cleans your hair leaving it hydrated and nourished. Their in-depth 23-question quiz helped me find the right products for my hair goals.

Hairstory is completely transparent in all its ingredients and no products contain harmful chemicals. They use products like Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, "Jojoba" seed oil, "Evening Primrose" oil, Sunflower seed oil, Peppermint oil, Rose oil, and Keratin which strengthen and condition your hair. Since all their products are non-toxic it is also certified biodegradable.

They also have a range of different styling products like Hair Balm, Powder (dry shampoo), and Sprays for texturizing and volume.

The Aspiring Eco-warrior

Favorite Feature: Lack Of Plastic - I want to help the climate with small changes in my day-to-day life.

Experience: I want to make small changes in my everyday life that can help and that starts with getting rid of the 50 different plastic bottles in my bathroom and kitchen cabinets.

Joining Hairstory and being part of their Refill Club has helped reduce my plastic use. Their shampoo costs $40 for 8 oz which lasts 50 washes on average.

Your first shipment comes with a reusable aluminum container. Every 14 weeks, they send my refill in a pouch that simply needs to be added into the container. Their refill club also allows me to subscribe and save money.

Everyone says it - Hairstoryhas given their hair a new lease on life! Hairstory's New Wash is the perfect addition to your beauty and wellness routine. Their products are safe, effective, and offer fabulous results.

Treat your hair better and experience luscious locks with Hairstory's New Wash!

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