Handy, The Best Cleaning Service Gives You A Cleaner Home Without The Stress


I'll admit it, between juggling work and kids, cleaning doesn't top the list of my priorities. But when I put it off one too many times and my home gets cluttered, I start to get really stressed out. It's like I can physically feel the anxiety start to creep in when my home is a mess. The best gift I've given myself in a long time was the peace of mind that came after booking a professional to clean my home through Handy. Handy's app is sort of like Uber -- it makes it easy to find, schedule, and pay a cleaning professional online. Plus, they vet the pros, so I know I'm booking someone experienced who have passed background checks. I received a free cleaning from Handy in exchange for giving an honest review, but I loved the experience so much I'm telling all my friends about it. By booking a cleaning pro (her name was Samantha, and she did an amazing job!) to come and give my home a deep clean, it helped me get more organized and feel less anxious. Handy allows you to book monthly or weekly plans, depending on what feels right for you, and I was surprised at how little it cost!

If mess or clutter makes you feel anxious, you're not alone. Here's the science behind how mess affects our mental health.

1. Clutter Over-Stimulates Our Senses

According to Psychology Today, clutter bombards our minds with excessive stimuli (visual, olfactory, tactile), causing our senses to work overtime. Then, our senses have less bandwidth to focus on the important things, leading us to feel easily overwhelmed just by stepping foot in a messy home. *1

2. Mess Tricks Us Into Thinking Work Is Endless

Clutter constantly signals our brains that our work isn't done, making it impossible to relax and causing us to worry our work will never be done. Plus, the fear of the unknown (we can't be sure exactly how long it will take to fold that pile of laundry or scrub the oven) makes our brains dread and fear the seemingly endless work ahead.

3. We Need Wide Open Spaces!

Your brain needs open space to spark creative problem solving and free thought, according to Dr. Sherrie Carter. When clutter minimizes that space, it's hard to think or brainstorm. Plus, it frustrates us by making it hard to find what we need to leave the house and get on with our day.

4. There's A Clutter-Depression Cycle.

Clutter can cause us to feel depressed, which in turn makes us less likely to motivate ourselves to clean. The cycle traps us, making our mood worse and our homes messier. *2

5. No Shame In The Cleaning Game!

When our homes are messy, we feel shame and embarrassment, afraid that other people will find out our secret. This makes us feel paranoid about events that should be fun: like friends stopping by for a visit!

If mess or clutter is stressing you out, it's ok! Don't get down on yourself about it, that only makes things worse. Check out Handy and find a cleaning pro to help keep your home clean and you feeling balanced. A 3-hour cleaning can cost about as much as dinner for two at a restaurant, and can keep you and your family happy all month!

Update: The folks at Handy are extending a Special offer to our readers.For a limited time follow this link to get a special offer on a cleaning plan!

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