The Surprising Way To Ban Pre-Wedding Stress


A clean home is a happy, stress-free home.

When I got engaged in the Fall of last year, it was everything I'd dreamed of and more. The proposal was perfect and followed by weeks of celebrating with all of our nearest and dearest.

Tom and I had been dating for 5 years, and now that we've taken this massive step, we finally moved in together.

Now, I've heard that living with a SO is an adjustment, but I don't think anything could have fully prepared me for just HOW big of an adjustment it would be.

Don't get me wrong, Tom is pretty tidy, and I'm a slight bit of a neat freak myself, but the merging of all the stuff somehow just made it so much harder to stay on top of the cleaning.

Plus, our apartment is wedding planning central, so there are invites and bridal magazines EVERYWHERE.

Every newly engaged couple squabbles a little, but the last thing I wanted to come between us on the lead up to our big day was who was (or wasn't, in my case) doing the dishes.

A few months ago, my best girlfriends took me out to brunch to celebrate the engagement, and after telling them too many stories of our not-so domestic bliss, my MOH Beth recommended I try Handy to book a cleaning service.

"You have enough on your plate with work and trying to plan a wedding," she assured me, but I wasn't so sure Tom would be onboard. I mean, we're trying really hard to cut back on unnecessary expenses. But after checking out Handy, I really liked the flexibility it offers and was surprised by the affordability!

With a Handy cleaning plan, you can book an experienced local Pro to come every week, two weeks, or monthly, and you can switch up the schedule at any time.

I ran the idea of a regular cleaning service by Tom, and he was nervous to have someone in our home when we're not here. Luckily, all of the Cleaning Pros you can book through Handy are vetted, so we would be able to leave them alone without having to worry. Plus, if you really like a particular cleaning Pro, you can request to have them come on a regular basis.

Tom was still reluctant, and I was, too, but we went ahead and decided together that we're going to sign up for a Handy cleaning plan.

We're excited to have a little more free time to really delve into the wedding planning. Tom's mom has been helping, and she invited herself over for breakfast on Saturday last week, the Thursday before. I was having the craziest week at work, so I had to clean the entire house in a panic on Friday evening.

Another reason I'm super excited to try Handy- you can reschedule your booked cleaning and move it up if you need to. I love that you can sometimes schedule a cleaning for as soon as the next day- what a lifesaver.

The big day is fast approaching, and our regular Handy cleanings will be a godsend. In the midst of all the planning madness, it's so nice to come home to a tranquil, clean space. It helps us stay calm and organized, and most importantly, not bicker over-cleaning!

I really think the joint decision to outsource our cleaning is the sign of a good relationship- I can't wait to get married!

Update: The folks at Handy are extending a Special Offer to our readers. For a limited time follow this link to get a special offer on a cleaning plan!

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