Brighten Up Your Day In Minutes

1. Change your Sheets- Minimalist

If you have a little bit of time and an extra pair of sheets then strip off the dirty ones, leave them in the hamper, and put on a nice clean pair. Even if you're going to climb right back into bed doing this little thing can make you feel cleaner, more productive, and a bit happier. If you're heading right back to bed then while you're up put on a new pair of pjs for an added bonus.

Change your Sheets- Hardcore

If you have a little more time then strip everything off your bed. Grab everything from the actual pillows to all of the bedding and wash it. Put it in a machine and while you wait for it all to be done then take a nap, watch a movie, read a book, anything that makes you feel better. Once you've put it all back together you've gotten rid of all the nasty stuff hiding in your bed

2. Take a Shower- Minimalist

Wash off that dirt and grime and put on some clean underwear once you're out. If you need to sit in the shower and take a deep breath then take your time, everyone has taken a rest and recovery shower. It'll give you a little burst of energy and maybe clear your head a little.

Take a Shower- Hardcore

Deep clean by giving yourself a small spa day. Make a sugar scrub, shave everything, do a face mask, or whatever you like to do for some well needed self care. Blast some tunes while you're in there and when you're out lotion up. You're a brand new person!

3. Paint your Nails- Minimalist

Change up your look! Pick out a color and paint those nails. Taking some time for yourself is important so take a breather and practice some self care.

Paint your Nails- Hardcore

Get on pinterest or youtube and find something you've always wanted to try. Experiment and take your time perfecting your look.

4. Get some Flowers- Minimalist

Go get yourself some fresh real flowers. Whether it's a bouquet or some wildflowers you should stick them somewhere where they'll bring you the most joy

Get some Flowers- Hardcore

Go get yourself some flowers and try to make your very own bouquet. It doesn't have to be perfect, you just have to have fun doing it and bring some joy into your space

5. Eat Something- Minimalist

Don't skip dinner if you can. Make some instant mac and cheese, order some takeout, or make yourself some eggs. It's good to eat some of your personal comfort food. If you're up for a quick experiment then make a mug cake out of stuff you have in your kitchen. Mix it up, stick it in the microwave, and then enjoy.

Eat Something- Hardcore

Get out a recipe and make something special. Invite some friends over for dinner, bring some food to friends to share the wealth, or you could enjoy it all yourself because you're worth it.

6. Exercise- Minimalist

Even if you can't get yourself to do some serious cardio then try to do 5 minutes of stretches. Stretch out your neck, arms, legs, anything you need. You'll feel better finding the stretch that your body needed.

Exercise- Hardcore

Go to the gym, go for a walk, or get yourself an online workout video! There are so many great sites that offer free instructional videos to get you moving. Getting your heart rate and endorphins up will help break the bad mood slump.

7. Make some Tea- Minimalist

Make some tea, simple as that. It tastes good and is good for you

Make some Tea- Hardcore

Make up a personal flavor of tea. Mix together your favorite kinds and experiment with the recipe until you have unlocked your new favorite blend.

8. Get Creative- Minimalist

Draw something, paint something, or do whatever gets your juices flowing. Even if you don't want to get out of bed you can bring a coloring book in there and take some time to push everything else out of your mind.

Get Creative- Hardcore

Pick up a new artistic hobby or work on one you already have. Hand lettering, watercolors, cake decorating, and there are so many more! Putting yourself into something creative will help ease your mind.

9. Youtube It- Minimalist

Go find whatever makes you laugh! Personalize your own America's Funniest Home Videos by diving into the depths of Youtube. Whether your thing is silly goats, people falling of trampolines, or singing celebrities go forth and make yourself giggle.

Youtube It- Hardcore

Explore the wonders of Youtube or try making your own video. It doesn't matter if nobody ever sees it, it's for you so make yourself laugh.

10. Make yourself a Drink- Minimalist

Make your favorite drink, have a beer, have a glass of wine, crack open a soda, or even a glass of crisp cold H2O. Hydration is important so make sure you're drinking some water.

Make Yourself a Drink- Hardcore

Try making a signature cocktail and get creative! Infuse some water with herbs and fruits to find your new favorite drink. If it's cold out mull some wine or cider to up the cozy factor.

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