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Everything We Know About Harry Styles’ New Brand, "Pleasing"

If anyone has distinctive hands, it's Harry Styles.

Ever since he started promoting his sophomore album, Fine Line, Harry has sported a pretty recognizable hand-scape. With "HS" rings that signify his initials and pink and black nails that match his album cover, his are some pretty recognizable fingers.

From head to toe, Harry has established a curated, quirky look. By not adhering to gender standards, he opens himself up to playful looks and bright colors both in his clothes and his beauty choices. While Harry is by no means the first to experiment with his self-expression, he is a mainstream pop-star committed to normalizing this expression in all of our everyday lives.

As much as he is a heartthrob and crooner, Harry has proven himself a mainstay in the fashion industry. As an ambassador for Gucci, and the latest muse for Gucci designer Alessandro Michele, he's travelled across the world doing stadium tours dressed in extravagant outfits and his signature nails.

He flaunted these nails during the 2019 Met Gala — where he was co-chair for the exclusive fashion event — and they're back again to advertise his new brand on our screens — and it's working.

For months, there have been rumors that our dear prince Harry — not the Royal one, the prettier one — is launching a beauty brand. Yes, that's right, our beautiful boy wants to help us be as beautiful as he is.

While at first it seemed too good to be true, it turns out the rumors were thankfully based in fact. So get your wallets ready, Harry Styles will be Pleasing you soon.

It all started with a tweet: "Find your Pleasing."

Obviously, we clicked the link — we did it with no hesitation, we're not ashamed to say. Obviously, we eagerly awaited what we'd find.

We were ushered into the glossy site,, which showed the promised land: the four-polish, Perfect Nail Polish Set.

Everything about it seduced us: the futuristic, marbleized packaging that reminds us of alien spacecrafts (classic Aquarius move on Harry's part), in four distinct colors — white, pink, and navy with a pearl topcoat.

The brand focuses on helping you celebrate your uniqueness and individuality with all the combinations the polishes can make. So whether you imitate Harry's signature nail polish style or try out one of your own, the combination will be Pleasing.

When I saw the promotion for Harry Styles's new brand, Pleasing, my first thought was, "those are Harry's nails." My second thought was, "how are his hands so pretty?"

I almost rolled my eyes — of course Harry Styles has pretty hands. The singer is always so immaculately groomed and immaculately dressed that it's part of his charm.

But while Pleasing will arrive on my vanity to get my manicures into shape, what am I supposed to do with my hands?

How to get Softer Hands (with Honey!)

All cards on the table, my hands are not at their cutest. All that rigorous pandemic washing and hand sanitizing has left my skin flaky and dry. Lotions sometimes feel like a waste, because they hardly seem to penetrate the skin deeply enough to help … only to get rinsed away the next time I wash my hands.

Whenever I look down these days, my skin is noticeably worn and rough. Since I'm not ending my hand-washing measures any time soon, I've been looking for a hand treatment that actually works.

I've found the best life-hack for my dry, cracked palms: eczema cream. While I suffered from small bouts of eczema when I was young, I haven't had a flare up in years. But, seeking desperate measures, I went looking for something stronger that might help. Enter: Eczema Honey.

Eczema Honey Original Skin-Soothing Cream is the answer to my prayers. It's not just any eczema cream, it's leveled up and is more effective and more luxurious.

This supple cream has a high-quality texture which helps soothe your eczema. FDA and dermatologically approved, the cream melts into the skin to create a moisture barrier that guards and conditions your skin.

This premium formula blends active and natural ingredients. Colloidal Oatmeal is the main active, a skin protectant used in most eczema creams. Combined with the beeswax, pure honey, almond oil, and sunflower oil, Eczema Honey works as an emollient and hydrator in one.

Eczema Honey Resultsvia Eczema Honey

As this soothing cream works to regenerate my hands, I'll wait with bated breath for Our Dear Harry's Pleasing polishes to finish off the look. Thanks to Eczema Honey, Harry hands — here I come.

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