Harry’s Shaving. Explained.

I'm one of those guys who actually enjoys shaving in the morning. Even though most of my friends find it a chore, I take pride in the daily ritual and I even find it relaxing. One thing I'm not a fan of is finding the empty refill cartridge in my medicine cabinet when my blade is done. I hate going to the drug store, partly because I hate seeing the prices of those refills, and partly because that realistically short trip seems more like a long trek I'm never mentally prepared for. If you're anything like me, you'd rather just have things sent to you when you need it without thinking about it. Luckily, now that it's 2016, there are a few options for you. One of these is Harry's. I recently got a chance to check out their service called the Shave Plan, and here's how it went.

I signed up for the Shave Plan on Harry's website, which was fairly intuitive and pretty simple. When you go to sign up for your new plan, you're greeted by a short survey asking you how often you shave and what color handle you want. I shave 2-4 days a week, and I wanted an orange handle, so I chose those options.

Harry's then sent me a Shave Plan starter box. When I opened the box, I immediately picked up the razor and felt it in my hand. The Truman razor felt weighty, but not heavy. It laid naturally in my palm and the rubberized grip found me rubbing my fingers on the handle; it felt nice to the touch. Also included is a 5-blade German razor cartridge, a travel case and a canister of their foaming shave gel. All of these supplies should last about two weeks.

Well I had to give myself a shave, right? I squeezed a dollop of the foaming shave gel into my fingers and started spreading it over my cheeks and chin, and I detected a subtly masculine smell. Again, it felt nice. I ran the blades across the foam on my face smoothly, and the path left behind revealed bare skin. The blades were sharp, and I would honestly expect this level of luxury from a high-end boutique.

After those two weeks were up. Harry's shipped me a package with the blade refills I needed as I finished my free trial, and they'll continue sending me supplies as I need them. For me, because I shave 2-4 times a week, they send me 8 blade cartridges every 3 months, but I can always change this on their website if my needs change.

I've been using the Shave Plan for about 7 months now, and I have to admit that it's made my shaves even more enjoyable and saves me that monthly trip to the store. Once you have your profile set up on Harry's website, you can forget about it. It's that easy to get the shaving supplies you need when you need them... All you have to do is get off the couch to pick up the box on your doorstep when it arrives!

Want to check it out for yourself? Click here to try Harry's Shave Plan for free (just cover $3 for shipping).

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