The Sleep Device That Everyone Is Talking About

Everything in our life has a rhythm and routine. We get up, get dressed, and even have set times for cooking and eating and when we don't stick to that, our body has a way of telling us.

When we see bright lights before bed it acts like an appetite suppressant. We have guidelines for work, exercise, and food. So why doesn't sleep deserve the same rules and schedules? Sometimes getting the sleep you need requires a little help, and we have found the perfect solution.

Meet Hatch Restore, an all-in-one product designed to completely overhaul your sleep routine.

After you purchase your Hatch Restore, you download the Hatch app through your Google or Apple Play Store. All you need to do is customize your routine and sleep sounds in the app-it has everything from a meditation section to unwind and sleep sounds so you sleep soundly through the night. Hatch also has a natural sunrise alarm helps you wake up refreshed and ready for the day.

Hatch Restore has great reviews. We wanted to see how it would affect us, so we went out and asked a few different people to test it out, so we could get the most honest feedback.

Sales and Marketing Professional

Sleep Schedule: I love my sleep, I can sleep for hours every day. I fall asleep instantly, but waking up is my problem.

Favorite Hatch Restore Function: Sunrise Alarm

Experience: I could cuddle up in bed all day, and with lockdown, I've become even lazy. I tried motivating myself, but I just keep hitting the snooze button on my alarm.

The Hatch Restore sunrise alarm is something different - I can set my time and the way I want to wake up on my own terms. I really like the Malibu Sunrise, it reminds me of waking up beside the beach, but a close second would be the Hiking In The Dawn. Before my alarm sounds, it mimics a natural sunrise and it's like someone opened my curtains. The natural light gets me up and motivated to start my day, unlike the alarm that wakes me up in a fright; now I actually wake up with the sunrise and get an hour of yoga done, feeling healthier and better rested.


Sleep Schedule: I am so busy with college and assignments that I toss and turn all night; my roommates are all loud night owls. Plus, I live in a crowded city, so sleep does not come easily.

Favorite Hatch Restore Function: Sleep Sounds

Experience: Doing a Masters is hard. Writing a thesis is harder and to do all that with young neighbors that still party is incredibly difficult.

Headphones are not the most ideal solution. I can't fall asleep with the music (I just keep singing along), plus I don't know if you have tried it but sleeping with headphones on is incredibly painful. So I tried Hatch Restore, and it totally refreshed my sleep.

Their sleep library is so vast that I can have a different sound every night, I sleep better and the noise of rain is so calming. After a few days playing around with different sounds and getting used to my new schedule, now I sleep through the night. I don't toss and turn and finally get my required eight hours of sleep, so I'm motivated and alert writing my paper.

Mother of Two

Sleep Schedule: Sleep isn't a priority. When my kids were young I had no time to myself, now that they are older I have a few minutes at night to read; I love it.

Favorite Hatch Restore Function: Reading light

Experience: I loved reading, it's my ideal way of winding down in the evenings.

The only place I can enjoy a good book iss in bed, but my overhead light is way too bright. I tried getting different reading lights but none really helped. With such a bright light on almost half the night, I can never fall asleep.

The Hatch Restore reading light is a lifesaver. It has brightness customization options, so it is easier to fall asleep. The reading light on Hatch Restore allows you to customize the color-- I prefer the coral hue. I even have it timed, so that I actually fall asleep on time and I can't tell myself just one more chapter and keep going.

Hatch Restore has changed the way I read at night and has given me a better nighttime routine.

Final Thoughts

Hatch Restore does what it says, it restores your sleep schedule. It is such an incredible invention, the reading light, the sleep sounds, the meditation, and the sunrise alarm; all in one. Hatch Restore costs $129.95 -- a reasonable investment in yourself that you will use every single day.

You deserve better sleep. Say goodbye to restless nights and start enjoying the 8 hours of sleep you've been dreaming of with Hatch Restore!

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