The 3-Step Guide To Wellness You Can Start Now

I really want to put more time into taking care of myself.

I allowed myself to be lazy the last few months due to the difficult circumstances. I can't control what's happening, but one thing I can control is my self-care routine.

I don't want to set myself unrealistic goals - just small, easy steps that are attainable to do on my own, or with the help of a device such as Hatch Restore sleep smart assistant.

Here are 3 things I'm doing for myself to improve my wellness routine:

1. Get a better sleep schedule

I know I'm not the only one whose sleep schedule got all messed up in the last year. It got to the point where I didn't even know what day of the week it was. Now I want to make sure I'm going to bed earlier, sleeping through the night, and waking up at a decent time.

Thanks to Hatch Restore, I'm finally falling asleep faster and going to bed earlier. It functions as an alarm clock, a sound machine, smart light, sunrise alarm, and even offers wind-down meditations. I can set the light to whatever hue I find calming, and it's perfect for reading. I put my phone down an hour before bed and read with Hatch Restores reading light.

If I'm not in the mood to read, I can listen to some relaxing sleep sounds and stories to help me wind down. I never thought any noise would help me get to sleep, but Hatch's have tones of sounds that are so calming, they have me nodding off in minutes. They even have nature sounds, white noise, bedtime stories, and more. The Hatch Restore offers meditations, too. These have seriously helped me calm down and stop my mind from racing at night.

With falling asleep being an issue, waking up was too. I used to snooze about 5 alarms before peeling myself out of bed. Now with Hatch Restore's sunrise alarm, I wake up naturally with their light that replicates a natural sunrise--so much more pleasant than an obnoxious alarm. I wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day.

Using the Hatch Restore app I can schedule specific times for reading, meditating, waking up, and choose my favorite sounds and light settings all in one place. It's really allowed me to get into a healthy sleep routine in less than a week.

2. Get 10k steps a day

I don't even want to admit how low my steps were last year. I was so inactive, and it didn't make me feel good at all. Having a goal of 10k steps a day is motivation to get me out of the house and getting some fresh air, as well as some exercise.

I've downloaded an app to keep track of my steps and I'm trying to go for 2 walks a day now. I'm walking to slowly work my way up to 10k; starting at 2k, then 5k, and so on. Now that I'm getting up earlier thanks to Hatch Restore I can go on more walks throughout the day - one in the morning, one in the evening.

Since I've been sleeping so well with the Hatch Restore, I'm surprised at the amount of energy I have. I'm already finding myself doing 7k a day and will easily reach my goal. It's no myth that getting good sleep is important for energy and performance.

3. Prep meals for the week

The last thing I wanted to tackle is my eating habits. Last year I was a mess, ordering so much take-out and baking all the time.

My goal now is to do my food prep for the week on a Sunday. This means I'll have more time to focus on my other goals, and get more into reading and meditating with Hatch Restore. Plus it means I'll be spending less money on takeout, and hopefully be eating healthier. I'll still treat myself every now and then, though.

I officially have my sleep routine down, all thanks to Hatch Restore. The Hatch Restore app syncs with my device to allow me to personalize what sounds I want to fall asleep to, what hue I want to read to, what time I want to naturally wake up, and more. The premium version is free for the first 6 months with an unlimited sleep sound library. Did I mention how sleek it looks on my nightstand?

If it wasn't for Hatch Restore, I wouldn't be on track to achieve my other wellness goals. If you want to improve your quality of sleep and get into a better routine, check out Hatch.

For my fellow restless sleepers - it's time to start getting the better sleep that you deserve. Get your sleep routine back on track with Hatch Restore!

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