One Parent’s Honest Review Of Vitamin-Toothpaste

Vitamin-infused toothpaste? Pass.

There are so many ridiculous home products these days! Sure, I don’t remember to take my vitamins every day, but I take them often enough to feel okay about it. And I always make sure the kids get their daily gummy vitamins.

At least, I thought I was doing okay until I went to the doctor for a routine checkup and was told I need to get some more Vitamin D in my life. Oops!

I started taking the dog for extra-long walks in the sun, but I kept forgetting to supplement with my vitamins. It was so simple, but it kept slipping my mind?! Every time I set an alarm, I’d snooze it or accidentally turn it off, leaving my jar of D vitamins on the counter in plain sight, not getting any emptier.

Ugh! Annoyed, I decided to check out the vitamin-infused toothpaste ad I’d seen for Better & Better.

Thankfully, the two vitamins they include happen to be Vitamin D3 and Vitamin B12 - the two biggest deficiencies in adults. At least I wasn’t alone!

My big question was if I had to swallow toothpaste - ewww. And, nope, you do not have to swallow the toothpaste. Vitamins can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the mouth, tongue, and gums (toothpaste), or the less-preferable pill method which is absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract.

Simply by brushing twice a day with 80% of my recommended daily dose for Vitamin D3 and 100% for B12, I’d receive a boost.

I assumed all-natural toothpaste with vitamins wouldn’t taste too great, but what did I have to lose? Better & Better’s Energy Toothpaste comes in Fresh Mint and is vegan, cruelty-free, natural, organic, fluoride-free, and made in the U.S.A. I ordered the Energy Starter Set which comes with one tube of their Energy Toothpaste, a Natural Bamboo Toothbrush, and a glass jar of Natural Floss.

It arrived promptly and just a teeny taste disproved my suspicions; the mint is good! It’s a spearmint-forward flavor, so not too powerful and spicy, but leaves a refreshing cool taste in my mouth. I continued brushing my teeth twice daily, as usual, confident that I’m getting my vitamins.

Months later, my vitamin D levels have improved and I’m definitely a little less tired! I believe it’s due to Better & Better and some of that may be because I’m no longer beating myself up about forgetting my pills!

One less thing to worry about in my routine makes a huge difference, and when the fix is this healthy for me, it couldn’t be better!

Better & Better is a win for me and the whole family.

Upgrade Your Oral Healthcare Routine. Try Better & Better Toothpaste Today!

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