Sleep Guidelines and Other Helpful Health Tips for Lockdown

No one would blame you if you're having trouble sleeping right now.

There's a lot of uncertainty in the world due to COVID-19, so it makes sense to feel tense and restless.

However, having a chaotic sleeping pattern won't help matters. Restful sleep has been proven to be crucial to our physical health, so you must get plenty of it.

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Check out some of our helpful tips below to find some guidelines for getting sleep during the lockdown (and for maintaining your overall health). You'll find yourself falling into slumber more comfortably in no time.

Make Sure You Have the Right Mattress

One of the most common reasons people struggle to sleep comfortably is down to their mattress. If yours is over seven years old, you should consider replacing it as it's probably past its best. An old mattress tends to develop lumps and other comfort imperfections. This deterioration directly impacts your comfort and even the health of your back.

According to US-Mattress, "When you share a bed with another person, it's not enough for it to cool you. You also need it to limit motion transfer, meaning you won't disrupt your partner if you get out of bed or flip over in the night." That means that you should carefully pick the right mattress for your needs, especially if you have problems in any part of your body or if your sleep problems can be traced to high temperatures.

Choosing the right mattress model will ensure that you protect your back and prevent further issues from developing. A well-supported body means a more restful and comfortable sleep.

Switch Off a Few Hours Before Bedtime

In our current culture, it's all too common to be surrounded by screens on a daily basis. While these devices are essential for our work and leisure, did you know that they can also interfere with our ability to sleep? That's why it's crucial to establish a nighttime routine without them.

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Instead of watching a movie or scrolling through social media before bedtime, swap it for a more relaxing activity such as reading or meditation. Even a warm bubble bath before you sleep will make falling asleep that much easier for you.

Picking a relaxing night time activity could mean that your mind won't be overstimulated, and you have more time to destress from the events of the day. In turn, you'll find yourself more naturally tired and subsequently go to sleep feeling relaxed and ready for the next day.

Don't Be Tempted by Too Many Naps

When our sleeping patterns fall into disarray, and we find ourselves yawning during the day, it might be tempting to nap. However, if you take too many of these, you might be accidentally training your body to sleep during daylight hours. This not only interferes with your schedule but can also impact your long term health as people are not supposed to be nocturnal.

While the occasional nap can be refreshing, it's essential not to turn it into a regular habit. If you find daytime sleeping becoming a regular routine, try and be strict with yourself and resist the urge. If you can fight this, then you'll find yourself more than ready to rest at your usual bedtime.

This will preserve your regular slumber pattern and ensure that you don't rely on napping as a crutch.

Limit Your News Intake

As this pandemic is an unprecedented event, the news is almost exclusively dominated by it. While it's important to remain informed about the situation, it's also far too easy to quickly be buried by the speculation of others. This can keep you up and dwelling on the situation with worry, instead of getting restful sleep.

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To combat this tense situation, focus on factual news from sources such as WHO and CDC. They'll provide you with rigorously fact-checked information in an easy to digest format.

Additionally, try to only look at news once a day, because it's unlikely that events will change dramatically within 24 hours. This can give you more time to focus on other things apart from ruminating on the current situation and aid you in getting a good night's sleep.

Try and Maintain a Healthy Routine

If you're in a state of lockdown, it can be tempting to spend your days doing little and eating poorly. However, in the long term, this can be catastrophic for your mental and physical health. Therefore it's crucial to establish a healthy routine that includes a regular sleeping pattern.

Although it can take a lot of mental energy to establish a healthy routine, the long term benefits of one are worth the effort. It can start with small changes like going for a short walk after dinner, trying to eat more home-cooked meals or setting a regular bedtime, and sticking to it. Gradually, you'll find yourself feeling better because you're taking the time to take care of yourself.

Final Word

The COVID-19 lockdown has caused a lot of uncertainty over the last couple of months. Although it's tempting to ditch self-care routines such as a regular bedtime because of stress or apathy, it's crucial to stick to them.

If you maintain healthy sleep guidelines for yourself, you'll find your whole body benefitting from your actions. Take a small step towards making yourself feel better today.

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