How I'm Getting Some Healthy Habits In Check For 2021

Meditation + Therapy + A Physical

I'm trying to up my wellness game in 2021. I definitely turned to some old bad habits this year (hello cheesy popcorn…), so the new year is going to be all about healthy habits.

I couldn't have survived this year without my amazing support system of friends and family, but I need to be even better at reacting to whatever the future throws at me.

In a journal I kept forgetting to use, I finally figured out a few steps I can take, that are real self-care other than bath bombs and face masks (but yes, I still love those, too).

Here's my wellness checklist for 2021:

Try Meditation

With the number of times, this has been recommended to me, I absolutely need to give it another go. Once during a class, I tried to empty my mind for thirty minutes in a cross-legged position and it was absolute torture. I really let that class ruin it for me; I don't know why I didn't start out slow! There are plenty of 5-minute exercises and apps that can guide your practice.

Apparently, even failing at "blank state" meditation is highly beneficial, so I'm excited to try again this time with an app for beginners.


During a difficult period in my life, I went to therapy. But when I moved, I just stopped going. I remember that it gave me a sense that dark times could be more manageable, so I'm signing up again.

Instead of going into an office every week, I'm trying out online therapy with Talkspace. Their therapists are uniquely trained for the online space and they have video chat capabilities, so there's a face-to-face element.

There's also a 24/7 chat for you and your therapist; they reply within 24 hours 5 days a week. This is great if, like me, you're sometimes better at writing down your thoughts than speaking them out loud. I used to arrive at therapy totally unprepared after a rough week. Then I'd leave and remember all the stuff I wanted to talk about. Those sessions felt like a total waste of time and money.

Talkspacewill match you to about 3 therapists you can choose between after you take a quick quiz about what led you to seek therapy. Talkspace has the most affordable option, starting at $65/week allowing flexibility with the different plan choices, and they accept insurance.

Get A Physical

I'm up to date on some of my specialists, but I haven't been to a general practitioner in a longggg time. My doctor's office always keeps me on hold forever. But I did it, I finally set aside 15 minutes to set up an appointment for next month. In my mind, I was writing it off as just height and weight, but I really must make sure I'm getting enough vitamins, especially with so much indoor time this season.

No one knows what 2021 is going to bring, but at least I can resolve to handle things more resiliently; therapy with Talkspaceis really going to be my foundation for the year. Oh, and I want to drink more water! If I follow my checklist and remember to get at least 5 glasses a day, I'm going to feel so much less stressed.

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