Why HelloFresh Makes Back-To-School A Breeze

Cooking at my house can be a challenge… the kids want greasy food, my mother-in-law wants something healthy, and my husband always wants something new. I can't remember the last family dinner when everyone was happy.

I was wasting time and my patience trying to cook multiple meals, including extravagant dishes for my husband. I had to find a solution. My friend Sandi had the same problem and suggested I check out HelloFresh - a meal kit service that would deliver fresh ingredients and recipe cards right to my door. This seemed almost too good to be true but I thought I'd look into it.

Turns out, HelloFresh does everything it promises. It's a timesaver, it's convenient, and the food is tasty and wholesome!

Here are 3 reasons HelloFresh will be my go-to this back-to-school season:


Once you sign up for HelloFresh your family will never be bored again. They have a rotating menu of 23+ meals each week with cuisines from all over the world. Recipes take about 30 minutes from start to finish, and there are so many different options: vegetarian, pescatarian, low calorie, one-pot wonders, kid-approved meals, quick 'n' easy options, and gourmet recipes selected by one of their award-winning chefs. They have such a nice range of plans, and to balance my family's needs, I chose the meat + veg option, sprinkling in some quick n' easy meals just knowing how busy our schedule is.

When I made the Chicken Taco Salad with Pickled Onion, Fajita Veggies & Creamy Chipotle the kids said it was super-yummy and demanded more. That never happens. Right then, I knew I'd made the right decision with HelloFresh. And every meal has been equally delicious.

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Getting the kids back into a school routine is essential. The ability to select the number of meals (2 - 5 recipes) for between 2 to 4 people takes the hassle out of planning.

All the pre-portioned ingredients are delivered right to my door and meals take around 30 minutes to cook. So, the kids will enjoy a home-cooked meal at some point before midnight! Seriously, there's a nice cadence to our lives now. A yummy dinner with ample time before they go to bed.


HelloFresh allows me to plan out our meals for the entire week. They send me all the ingredients individually packed in recyclable packaging. So, I don't have to waste time searching out new recipes for the kids or hunting down ingredients and spices in the grocery store.

All recipes have 6 steps max and take around 30 minutes to cook. HelloFresh's Quick and Easy plan specializes in 20-minute dinners for easy cooking, and minimal clean-up. A lifesaver for the busy-dizzy days in our school week.

Now that I have so much time back in my day, I help the kids with their homework and even enjoy games and storytime before bedtime.

Meals start as low as $7.49 a serving before any new customer discount – much cheaper than takeout. And the recipe cards have really helped me improve my cooking skills. Suddenly, I'm whipping up dishes I never dreamed possible before. Plus, I can skip, cancel, pause or change my plan anytime.

HelloFresh really is the number 1 meal kit - you should give it a try!

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