Find Out Why I Picked HelloFresh For My Family

While I love my kids and love being a mom, the last year has been so tough. Everyone's been home 24/7 (the kids running around non-stop), and on top of that, I've been working from home too.

After getting them through the school day while simultaneously finishing my working day, I finally reach the most dreaded part: dinner. My kids are so picky nowadays--each with their own tastes--so it's hard to find dishes we can all eat that won't take hours to cook. The mealtime I used to love to share as a family is now a total struggle.

One of my friends suggested I try HelloFresh, but I assumed it wouldn't be a good fit for families. When I'd looked into meal kits before it seemed mostly for young couples or busy singles--not my rambunctious household.

She insisted that it was worth looking into, so I did. Here are 5 things I was surprised to learn about HelloFresh:

HelloFresh has a Family Friendly plan! It's so reassuring that their family recipes are kid-friendly and save me tons of time trying to accommodate my crew's taste buds. I know my family will love the Beef & Cheese Tostadas and the Meatloaf à la Mom for sure.

There are 23 recipes to choose from every week. Each recipe will be delivered to my door with all needed ingredients and step-by-step recipe cards. I can whip up meals like Shrimp Spaghetti with a Kick and Lemon Tortelloni Palermo without any extra shopping or complicated instructions.

With HelloFresh the subscription is super flexible. I like the ability to skip a week, pause, or cancel anytime to suit my family's needs. We can also switch plans and venture beyond Family Friendly to explore the Meat & Veggies, Veggie, Calorie Smart, Quick and Easy, or Pescatarian plans.

I can save so much with this affordable meal plan. With options as low as $7.49 per serving this is definitely the right move for us. It costs less than going to the grocery store myself and is far cheaper than all the takeout we'd been consuming!

Beyond the menu, HelloFresh truly is Family Friendly. Their recipes make it so I can have dinner on the table as quickly as 20 minutes. Thanks to their new Oven Ready dishes, I can whip up Pulled Pork & Black Bean Tacos at the end of a long day without any real prep outside of preheating the oven.

After learning so much about HelloFresh I had to give it a shot … and wow, what a game-changer. Now every day around 6 o'clock, I look forward to giving my kids a home-cooked meal that doesn't tire me out so I have the energy for the family time I love.

On top of the simple convenience of having everything delivered to me, HelloFresh also helps reduce food waste. HelloFresh is conscious of sustainability so the majority of their packaging is recyclable including the boxes, insulating liners, and even the gel packs. They also offset 100% of the carbon emissions they produce through partnerships with eco-friendly organizations.

I can't believe I was so skeptical about HelloFresh being the right fit for families. When it comes to dinner now, everyone in my house is happy, including me! Check it out and enjoy healthy, easy, delicious meals the whole family will love.

Get 14 free meals across 5 boxes including free shipping on the first box!

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