How HelloFresh Makes My Busy Week So Much Better

The Meal Kit Delivery Service Makes Dinnertime A Breeze

I used to have a one-hour window right after my kids finished their homework, before my husband got home, that I'd use to cook dinner. But Sam and Molly are in middle school now, and need more help with their homework. So I barely had time to cook.

On top of that, Saturday grocery shopping was replaced by driving the kids to soccer practice.

I'll admit it, we fell into a nasty take-out habit. When we hit 4 take-outs a week, we realized this had to stop. Not only was it bad for our family's health (the sodium!), but our bank account too.

I remember a friend bragging about how convenient her meal kit service is, so I thought I'd finally ask her about it. She uses HelloFresh - they send meal kits with pre-portioned ingredients right to your door. Sounded good, but how fresh could this food be?

I immediately went online and saw that HelloFresh sources their produce from family-owned suppliers, so I took the plunge. I mean, I could cancel anytime, so why not? I went with the family plan and chose four recipes a week.

Here's how our first week with HelloFresh went:


I'd chosen a Monday delivery day so I could do family dinners Monday through Thursday - Friday's Pizza Night! And the box arrived this afternoon just like they promised. The box and packaging is fully recyclable - impressive!

I assembled the ingredients on the counter and started the BBQ-Rubbed Chicken with Mashed Sweet Potato - my kids love chicken, so I was confident.

I was skeptical that it could be ready-to-eat in only 35 minutes, but the recipe card was super clear made the whole process so easy. I set a timer just to see, and it really did take only 35 minutes.

My husband came home just in time and the first thing said was, "Mmm... smells amazing!" It tasted amazing, too! Molly literally licked her plate.


I was preparing the Creamy Santa Fe Gemelli Bake when Sam asked, "Whatcha makin'?" When I showed him the recipe card he was so excited. "Cool! Can I help tomorrow?" I was shocked. Sam only ever helps with chocolate chip cookies - and that's only 'cause he likes to lick the bowl. "'Course you can!"

I love that HelloFresh's menu has such variety. I deliberately chose a vegetarian meal as the kids always whine about their vegetables. Clean plates two nights in a row - I was thrilled!!


Sam was eager to start in on the Black Bean Chili. With his help, it only took 30 minutes. He wants to make this cooking-thing-with-Mom a weekly thing.

Normally, Molly refuses to eat my chili - I once overdid it with the cayenne. But HelloFresh pre-measures the ingredients, so this chili has just the right amount of spice. Wow - what a miracle - Molly ate every drop.


This was the recipe I was most looking forward to - Honey-Thyme Pork Tenderloin. And it did not disappoint. I loved it best, and the kids liked it, but prefer the chili. I'll take it! I can't believe it only took 30 minutes to prep and plate. That's the fastest pork meal I've ever cooked.


Another school week down for the kids! They came home from swimming lessons and we ordered pizza. Fridays will always be pizza night. And after a week of home-cooked meals, it was even more of a treat. I didn't feel one bit guilty - For once.


This week, I spent way less time (and money) at the grocery store. On top of that I used to buy far too much food and ended up tossing unused stuff. Thanks to HelloFresh, I no longer have to think about how much food to buy.

What a fabulous first week with HelloFresh. I never imagined I'd find the time to cook such delicious, wholesome meals - that each include 3 - 4 different fruits and vegetables - more nutritious than take out.

But best of all, Sam's learning how to cook! We've already selected next week's menu from a variety of cuisines. It's no wonder HelloFresh has so many 5 star reviews.

Update: HOLIDAY SALE! The folks at HelloFresh are extending a special offer to our readers. Follow this link to get $30 off including FREE shipping on the first box!

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