5 Ways HelloFresh Is A More Sustainable Option

The recipe box industry is booming and shows no sign of slowing down. Most people familiar with recipe boxes are aware of their convenience, but not many people realise that they're an exceptionally sustainable option.

HelloFresh's carbon footprint is 25% lower than that of meals made from store-bought groceries. This is due to their streamlined supply chain that cuts out middlemen and that additional shipping. Efficient distribution to customers reduces greenhouse gas emissions. And then there's their pre-measured ingredients which seriously reduce food waste.

Not to mention, HelloFresh uses data to correctly predict precisely what ingredients to ship based on how many subscribers they have each week and which meals are most likely to be selected.

But that's not all HelloFresh does for the environment. What really sets them apart from the rest is their successful efforts to optimize their packaging.

Here's why HelloFresh is the most sustainable option out there:

1. The Paper Cooling Pouch

"Air cushions" between the individual layers of paper maintain insulating properties that prevent potential water leakage. The cooling pouch is made from recycled paper, making it re-recyclable, too.

2. The Water-based Iced Pack

Regular ice packs contain water and polymer, creating a gel containing microplastics, which are not only non-recyclable, they're polluting our oceans and harming wildlife. So, HelloFresh created their own 100% recyclable water-based ice packs that minimize environmental impacts by cutting down CO2 emissions. They launched their first in-house produced, water-based ice packs in the UK, and they're now also in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

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3. The Ice Configurator

Supply chains of varying distances have a range of cooling requirements. HelloFresh uses an algorithm to calculate the exact number of ice packs needed and this reduces waste.

4. The Packaging Configurator

HelloFresh also utilizes algorithms to determine the amount of packaging needed for each set of ingredients in their meal kit boxes. This combines their key objectives: cost efficiency, functionality, and sustainability.

5. The Reusable Box

HelloFresh is testing a "Reusable Box" concept in several markets. Basically, no need to toss your box in the recycling bin, their delivery service will pick it up, fill it with fresh ingredients, and it will be used again for another shipment.

Sure, these genius innovations make HelloFresh more appealing than ever. But don't forget their easy-to-follow recipe cards mean that delish dishes can be on the table in just 30 minutes!

Their plans include Meat & Veggie, Veggie, Family, and Quick Cook. There's a vast array of tasty new meals to choose from each week including a huge variety of cuisines like Thai, Mexican, Chinese, Italian, Moroccan, and more. You can get plans for 2-4 people, 3-5 recipes a week.

Not to mention their price per serving is just £1.62, way more affordable than takeaway and the subscription is completely flexible so you can cancel at any time.

Check out HelloFresh today, you won't regret it.

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