How HelloFresh Got Me Into Recipe Boxes

As far as recipe boxes go, I just can’t commit - I don’t get the hype! Actually, I take that back, I get the convenience of it. But as someone who likes eating out and thinks that’s just way too much wasted cardboard and plastic being shipped, I’m not really interested.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve eaten the recipe box dinners my friends make and I think they taste great, and definitely beat what I’d make from scratch at home.

For some reason, though, when it comes down to it and I get close to thinking about doing a recipe box, there’s just something that stops me.

In fact, there are five things that really stop me from hitting subscribe:

I hate subscriptions

As someone who has been down the subscription rabbit-hole and has been charged endlessly, I was shocked to find HelloFreshdoesn’t do that.

I can change my meal plans whenever I want, and pause when I’m away or just not feeling it for the week. I can even do it right from their app, or website, too. No annoying calls or emails where I have to explain exactly why I don’t want to continue my subscription.

Plus, HelloFresh’s meals start as low as £1.57/pp.

I don’t want to eat the same meals

To my surprise, HelloFresh has a massive range of plans and menus each week. With over 37 weekly recipes, I don’t think I’d ever get bored. From Calorie Smart, Family Friendly and Rapid recipes there is so much to choose from.

There are tasty recipes inspired by flavours from all over the world, like Pork Steaks and Apple & Sage Glaze, Harissa Diced Chicken Breast and Roasted Cauliflower,Lamb and Mushroom Ragu with Penne and Cheese or Sweet Potato Coconut Dal... yummm.

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This was enough to make me place my order, but every week the menu changes and there are always new, delicious meals to enjoy.

The produce in recipe boxes is never fresh

That may be true for some, but definitely not HelloFresh. They prioritise sourcing local British products so only fresh, seasonal ingredients make it into your box. Their beef, chicken, turkey, duck and pork meats are also all Red Tractor Assured, which means it’s been cared for on farms that meet rigorous standards for food safety, traceability, animal welfare and environmental protection.

Recipe boxes are bad for the environment

Okay, I was actually pretty wrong about this one. HelloFresh is making huge strides in sustainability. They’re the first global carbon-neutral recipe box company, committed to offsetting 100% of direct carbon emissions.

I don’t want to waste food

HelloFresh’s meals come with pre-portioned ingredients, so you’re never wasting any food. And, if you know you’re going to be out for a few nights one week, you can easily adjust your subscription plan for that week.

So, I guess I stand corrected about my assumptions that prevented me from trying HelloFresh… Between their sustainability initiatives, extensive selection of recipes, and easy subscription plans, there’s nothing holding me back now other than deciding what my first meals are going to be.

Update: The folks at HelloFresh are extending a special offer to our readers! Follow this link to get up to 50% off your first four HelloFresh Deliveries