If You Like Getting Your Meals Delivered, You’ll Love HelloFresh

  • Meal delivery apps are extremely popular. It’s an easy way to have dinner delivered right to your doorstep, but they’re not without their drawbacks.
  • We scoured the internet for an alternative way to eat tasty, home-cooked dinners more often. We discovered HelloFresh, whose offering of globally-inspired cuisines and pre-portioned ingredients caught our eye.
  • To see why HelloFresh is our new go-to for convenient meals - keep reading:

Between looking for new recipes, shopping for ingredients, chopping, measuring and cooking, homemade meals can feel like a tonne of work. It's no wonder people turn to delivery apps for takeaway.

Sure, delivery apps are readily available. But with all the added fees, they often cost more than a homemade dinner. Not to mention the quality of the ingredients and food that's sometimes sacrificed in the quest for convenience.

We knew there had to be a solution that was convenient and wholesome that wasn’t beyond our budget. That's when we came across HelloFresh, a recipe box that sends pre-portioned ingredients and recipe cards - with colourful images - to your doorstep every week.

HelloFresh’s plans are completely flexible and we can skip a week, pause or opt out at any time. So, we signed up. And we can confirm that HelloFresh is the answer we were looking for.

If you are a fan of delivery apps, you’ll love HelloFresh even more…

1. Time Saver

With delivery apps, your meal arrives at your door within an hour. But some HelloFresh meals can be ready in as little as 20 minutes! Thanks to their pre-portioned ingredients and easy-to-follow recipe cards, you don’t have to worry about measuring or hours of prep. And you’ll cut down on trips to the supermarket. It’s all clearly laid out for you to enjoy a delicious homemade dinner.

2. Variety of Meals

With HelloFresh, you have the choice of lots of globally-inspired cuisines. Their menu offers 100+ recipes every month, so you’ll never get bored. You’ll learn how to cook your favourite meals, and try new recipes such as Caribbean-Spiced Chicken Tacos and Creamy Indian Chicken Curry with Sweet Potato & Basmati Rice.

There are meals for everyone, whether you’re vegetarian, looking for lower-calorie meals, or want the quickest recipes possible.

3. Price

You can’t knock HelloFresh on the price. Their meals start at only £1.26* per serving — only a fraction of what you’d spend on takeaway! Think about all the added fees, such as a delivery fee, a service charge, and that extra cost for small orders. Plus, with HelloFresh there's less food waste because all your ingredients are pre-portioned. No more throwing that mouldy cheese in the bin, or wasting pasta sauces that went off before you used it.

If you’re looking for a simple, affordable way to eat more tasty, wholesome meals, skip the delivery apps and check out HelloFresh.

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