Here’s How Vuori Helps Me Keep My New Year Resolutions On Track

I’ve never enjoyed buying things for myself but I put a lot of thought into buying gifts for others. When the holidays roll around, the gifts are precisely planned out so everyone gets something they will truly use. This season I really hit the mark. I gifted my partner some fantastic athleisure wear from Vuori — a performance-driven activewear brand.

Ever since, my partner keeps thanking me and telling me how trendy and durable they are. You should see how fit he looks even after a hard workout. I’d be lying if I said I’m not jealous. Finally, I caved and gifted myself my own fabulous Vuori, too. With the New Year upon us, I figured that it would only help me with my fitness goals and my mission to stay comfy 24/7.

While I was a bit skeptical that Vuori is that good, I went ahead and carted their bestselling Daily Legging in Oxford, Halo Performance Crop in Oyster Heather, and the Halo Performance Hoodie 2.0 in Black Heather.

Once they arrived, I pulled them on and was totally thrilled. The quality of the Daily Legging is second to none - the fabric is extra soft, breathable, and stretchy in all the right places. The Halo Performance Crop is made from their signature DreamKnit™ fabric and is super flattering thanks to its v-neck cut. I’d never found a workout top before that was cute and supportive with a built-in bra that fit me so well.

To top it off I love throwing on my Halo Performance Hoodie 2.0 all day, everyday! It’s a staple and my partner jokes that he rarely sees me without it nowadays. But I could say the same for him — he’s just as obsessed with his Vuori as I am.

The men’s Sunday Performance Jogger is his everyday uniform with soft stretch fabric and moisture wicking. He’s never been the biggest fan of other similar brands, but Vuori’s joggers work for him because there’s less bulk around the ankles. He really appreciates that he can wear his joggers any and everywhere and still be comfortable and stylish. And on his more adventurous hikes, he likes to mix it up with the Ponto Performance Pant. They’re made with DreamKnit™ fabric, which ensures a relaxed fit, and features functional zipper pockets for his essentials.

With a full year of New Year resolutions ahead, and fitness being at the top of the list we’ll definitely invest in more Vuori. They’ve got everything for men and women, with both lines having tons of options that don’t sacrifice on style or tech. I’ve got my eye on a few pieces that feature built-in UPF 30+ for the spring.

Vuori’s premium athleisure wear uses quality durable materials, so we can be sure they’ll last us a long time. I love their timeless color palette, flattering cuts, and most importantly the versatility of every single piece. Many of Vuori products contain innovative tech like moisture-wicking, anti-odor and can take me from lounging at home to my yoga class, and even a post-run brunch with friends.

What people say is true — new athleisure wear will motivate you to get going. When we slip into the softest joggers ever, we’re ready to tackle everyday — even those cold winter days.

Who would have imagined that a simple holiday gift would become a daily necessity for both my partner and me? Vuori makes every resolution on our list more attainable and enjoyable.

Start with the essentials, pick up some Vuori and embrace your “New Year, New Me” resolutions while looking and feeling great.

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