Here’s the age Americans tend to lose their virginity

Do you remember that milestone of a moment when you lost your virginity? Well, unless the decision to go "all the way" was paired with ½ a bottle of Jägermeister, then the answer is probably yes. Whether your first time was with someone with whom you were deeply in love, or someone you met earlier that night at a party, there's no doubt that the experience, while exciting, was awkward. Ask nearly anyone and you'll have a hard time finding a soul with a virginity-losing tale where everything went swimmingly.

Like nearly every other virgin, the time leading up to the big moment can be full of questions, concerns, anticipation, and comparison. Will it hurt? Will I know what to do? How long should it last? Will the condom work? When did or will my crush lose their virginity? And so on.

One thing that questioning virgins can get some info on is the average age Americans lose their virginity. Ask Men recently revealed that as per The National Survey of Health, 18 is the lucky (or unlucky) number… depending how the evening went.

That said, if you're still inexperienced by the time you blow out all 18 candles, you're not alone. By age 20, 25% of Americans are still virgins. And if you're going to hold out until your 20s, you may as well wait for your first encounter to be with someone special.

Via TheSun

The Brits are on par with Americans, according to The Sun, also "deflowering" at age 18. The youngest? Brazilians, who, on average, lose their "V-card" at 17. And the Malaysians come in oldest, with an average age of 23 as when they finally do the deed. This info was uncovered by a report by Durex, the condom makers.

If you're not "average" when it comes to the age you lost (or lose) your virginity then don't sweat it. But if you're average in bed, however, you may want to work on your game. And don't forget to protect yourself!

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