Here's What One Dog Owner Had To Say About Ollie

When it comes to my dogs, I only buy the best, from toys to grooming products and of course food. When I'm considering a new brand, I always make sure to get recommendations from real people I know and trust. So, when I heard about Ollie, a human-grade, all natural dog food subscription service, I wondered if the promise of nutrient-packed, high quality food delivered right to my door was too good to be true. I talked to Gina, a very happy Ollie dog mom of four, to find out.

1. Tell us a little about your dogs -- how long have you had them? What breed are they? Where did you get them?

We have 4 mini dachshunds – Grr (16 yr old Blonde Wirehaired), Woofie (11 yr old Piebald Wirehaired), Chewy 5 yr old Black & Tan Smooth Haired) and Scruffy (2 yr old Red Wirehaired).

They are all NuForest Dachshunds, based in Ramona, CA.

2. What made you first want try Ollie?

An advert on Facebook, for fresh delivered food for my dogs! Brilliant!

3. After trying it, what about Ollie has kept you coming back?

We love that we can give our dogs fresh food, that has vegetables and some fruits. Grr is old, and is missing a lot of teeth. Love that she can easily eat her meals, without struggling.

4. What plan did you customize for your dog and why?

We originally had 4 custom meals for the 4 dogs, but found there was too much packaging. As they all eat roughly the same amount, we upgraded to the largest, single meal plan. We are very happy with less packaging, but same great food.

5. Does your dog have a favorite meal?

They get the beef dinner, as the little dogs need the higher protein content. Our doggies get breakfast and dinner from Ollie, and get snacks at lunch time of whatever we are having for lunch.

6. Have you noticed a change in your dog since they've started Ollie?

Sometimes the doggies are very hungry after a busy day, and want a double helping. Other days, they are pretty full with a regular serving. They love the food, so we have to watch their waistlines to prevent any back issues.

7. How has Ollie changed your relationship with your dog?

I don't think it's changed our relationship with our doggies, but we certainly feel better that we are able to feed our dogs quality, healthy food, when lives are hectic and busy. Sometimes, we think, they get a better/ healthier dinner than us. 😊

8. How does it compare to other dog food brands?

No other dog food compares.

After hearing Gina's take, I was convinced that Ollie would give my little angels the highest quality food with all the nutrients they need, while also saving me constant trips to the pet store to stock up. After trying for myself, I also like that Ollie has different formulas for dogs at every stage of life, because like Gina I have an older and a younger baby. I noticed their coats were shinier and they had more energy for fetch. Like Gina, I wholeheartedly recommend Ollie for anyone looking to switch up their dog food routine.

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