Why I Love My Office Manager For Ordering Hint

The delicious flavored water helped me kick my 3 pm sugar craving

Two years ago I landed my dream job.

Well what I thought was my dream job, now it's just my job. It was a huge step up for me and the company was the biggest one I had ever worked for. So many perks came with the job - a higher wage, health insurance, quarterly bonuses, and a lot of open bar work nights out. We even had a full kitchen, with everything you needed for breakfast, lunch and even dinner.

Younger me thought this was the best part of the job. I didn't have to worry about bringing lunch or having breakfast before I leave. A few months in and I started to get into very bad eating habits, it was like eating out for all your meals. I knew I had to stop so I opted for oatmeal every morning and the salads at lunch.

One thing I couldn't stop doing was grabbing a can of soda with lunch every day. Even though I knew this was super unhealthy - all that sugar!!!

At the end of the year, we had a company-wide survey and it turns out I wasn't the only one finding it hard to dodge the sugary indulgent food in the cafeteria. Everyone suggested getting healthier options.

Within a few weeks, there were way less sugary snacks and much more healthy lunch options. I was delighted, less temptation was exactly what I needed. There was still my favorite soda in the fridge though, I was trying my hardest but once Friday came I found myself in that fridge craving the sugar.

As I reached for the soda I noticed there was also a water bottle beside it called Hint. It had a pineapple on the label, which is my favorite fruit. I picked up the bottle of Hint to see what it was. Water infused with pineapple essence, zero calories, zero sweeteners. I never was a fan of any flavored water - they all have just as much sugar or sweeteners as soda, so why bother?

But Hint had no sweeteners, and from looking at the ingredients, it had nothing unhealthy in it. To create the amazingly delicious and accurate flavor, Hint uses proprietary essences that are extracted from fruit and other non-GMO plant sources. With very low expectations I cracked it open to see what it tasted like. And it was so great! I brought the bottle back to my desk and drank it. I then noticed that all my colleagues were drinking Hint too. Hint was so popular, that the office monthly subscription started running out faster and faster.

One day over lunch, we discussed how much better we were all feeling by drinking more water. It was definitely easier to get out of bed these mornings. And I wasn't hitting my 4 o'clock slump anymore or craving my sugary soda. Was this the Hint effect?

I now find myself craving Hint on weekends and when I get home, so I went online and saw they have a special new customer offer, 36 bottles for only $36 - that's only $1 per bottle. You also get to choose from their top 8 flavors! I chose blackberry, watermelon, and cherry. What a deal! I loved it so much that I signed up for a subscription, so now I get a new supply ofHint delivered right to my door every month. I love offering Hint to my family and friends when they come over because they love the taste too.

I have to thank my manager for gettingHint for our office. I would have never kicked my really unhealthy sugar habits. Now, thanks to Hint, I know I am hydrating my body correctly, while not having to compromise on taste.

Update: Hint is extending a special offer to my readers! Follow this link to get 36 bottles for only $36

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