The Only Flavored Water You'll Ever Need

It actually tastes good.

When my soda drinking habit started to get out of control, I had to do something about it.

Switching to diet soda wasn't any healthier, so I needed another alternative. I needed something that tasted good but was healthy, so I decided to give flavored water a try.

I immediately started my research, but I noticed so many flavored waters had either a ton of sugar or diet sweeteners, both of which I wanted to avoid. Then I thought to myself, Was I going to be forced to drink plain water? That's when I stumbled upon Hint.

No added sugars

Hint water is infused with fruit essences, so you get a delicious taste without any of the unhealthy ingredients. At first, it seemed too good to be true, but the more research I did, the more I found people loving Hint for its refreshing taste and zero added sugars.

I ended up ordering three cases

I thought I'd start with only one case, but when I saw how affordable Hint's new customer deal was, I said sign me up! Hint has an exclusive offer for new online customers.

You get 36 bottles (or 3 cases) for only $1 per bottle and free shipping - what a sweet deal! I was able to select three flavors - Watermelon, Cherry, and Pineapple. It was super convenient and showed up right at my doorstep.

I thought I'd miss soda more than I did

After I received my first Hint order, I was surprised by how much it curbed my soda cravings. I enjoyed tasting all the flavors. Cherry soda was always my weakness, so Cherry flavored Hint turned out to be one of my favorites.

It had a touch of true fruit flavor, which was great.

Hint Water
The Best Fruity Flavors
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I noticed a difference in how I felt

In the past, I only drank water when I felt really dehydrated. But after drinking Hintregularly for a few weeks, I've noticed that I'm much more energized.

Whether I'm working, exercising, or even just lounging around, my mood is 10 times better, and I feel less groggy without all that sugar from soda in me.

I actually drink the recommended amount of water now!

I thought I would never be able to cut down my soda intake, but Hint made it possible. I still drink a can every now and then, but I've officially kicked my daily soda habit. I'm really surprised about how much water I'm drinking these days. I never imagined I'd reach the recommended daily amount. But I do bow.

To be honest, I've never attempted this in the past because I was convinced I'd fail. But Hint's tasty flavors make drinking water effortless.

Whether you want to cut down on unhealthy beverages, increase your water intake, or you're looking for a refreshing drink, I'd recommend trying Hint!

Customize your bundle of Hint waters today! Follow this link to get 36 bottles for $36 PLUS free shipping!

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