Which Hint Flavor Pairs Best With Your Favorite Snack?

This summer, I set a goal for myself to drink more water. A small task, I know.

But, one that proved to be far more challenging than I anticipated. You'd think drinking at least 4 or 5 glasses of water each day is easy, but in reality, most people only drink about 2 or 3. It was one of the biggest problems that I never realized I had.

I thought it over. Why wasn't I drinking enough water throughout the day? I thought back to my various meals and snacks, realizing that I selected my beverage based on the type of food I was eating. Makes sense, right? People pair red meat with red wine or a savory burger with a cold lager. It's only natural to want to elevate your dining experience.

Water is just bland. I mean when was the last time you saw somebody get excited over the prospect of drinking water? I figured that there had to be a better way to drink more water without sacrificing great taste.

Then one day, while online, I discovered Hint fruit-infused water. They featured a ton of interesting flavors such as Blackberry, Crisp Apple, and Watermelon while offering all of the health benefits of plain water--no sugar, no calories, and no sweeteners.

The reviews were great, and I really wanted to try it, so I ordered their 36 bottle new customer offer for only $36 with free shipping! That's only $1 per bottle! Once it arrived at my doorstep, I immediately tried it. While every flavor tasted delicious on its own, I had a thought, "How does Hint water taste alongside some of my favorite foods?" Drinking plain water alongside each of my meals wasn't cutting it. I needed some flavor to mix things up.

For Salty Snacks

The moment Hint arrived on my doorstep I knew I wanted to try it with some sort of salty snack. What would it be? Baked potato chips, sea salt popcorn, or maybe some old fashion pretzels. I had a feeling that the after-taste of the beverage would compliment any of these perfectly. I decided to try the Blackberry and Cherry flavors first. The sweet and tangy sensation ended up being the perfect addition to any salted goody I could imagine.

For Savory Snacks

This is where Hint really starts to shine. You wouldn't think that a bottle of flavored water would work well alongside dinner, but let me tell you this--you have not truly experienced the beauty of water until you've had a bottle of crisp apple Hint water alongside some sautéed spinach and a rotisserie chicken. Washing down each savory bite with fruity goodness creates what I can only describe as a symphony in my mouth.

For Whenever

I tried Hint because I wanted to start drinking more water throughout my day. I recognized that the only times I really drank any beverage was during mealtime, and regardless of what I was drinking, that needed to change.

I'm proud to say it's been about two months since I first tried Hint, and now I am drinking around 6 to 7 glasses of water each day (with 8 being my goal). And the best part? I'm not just drinking water during mealtime. It's all day! I've become so fond of Hint's flavors that I can't imagine drinking anything else at this point. I always have a bottle on me whenever I leave the house, and to be honest, I'm actually noticing the benefits.

I feel more refreshed and hydrated than ever before. I am so glad I tried Hint with their new customer offer - you can't go wrong with just $1 per bottle and free home delivery. Now they have a loyal customer for life!

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