5 Reasons Hint Should Be Your Go-To Drink This Fall

The leaves are starting to change, and even if you haven't stepped inside a classroom for a decade, it still feels like there's something new brewing in the air. Autumn's the perfect time to make a life change, a hair change, or a diet change, and if those sugary cold-weather drinks are your downfall, you need Hint instead.

Hint water is naturally flavored by boiling the skin of the fruit, so you get all of the fruit flavor, but none of the sugar or calories, meaning it has the same nutritional value as water - zero calories! With no preservatives or diet sweeteners, you can drink Hint all day long to satiate your thirst.

It can be fun to get in the Fall mood with those Autumn lattes and Apple Ciders, but by the time you're drinking Peppermint Hot Chocolates and Gingerbread frappes, your blood sugar will need a serious break from the roller coaster of sweets.

Here's 5 Reasons why you should always carry Hint water with you this Fall.

1. Perfect To Pack

Throw 'em in the car for tailgate parties and pumpkin patches.

2. You Won't Get Bored Of The Flavors

You gotta try 'em all: Pineapple, Watermelon, Cherry, Blackberry… and of course, seasonal favorite, Crisp Apple.

3. It's Super Hydrating And Tastes Delicious

Autumn brings chapped lips and dry skin - get ahead of the skincare drama by staying hydrated all day long. Instead of reaching for that cup of sugary joe, skip the whip and opt for Hint's hydrating effects with the great taste of fruit and no sugar or diet sweeteners.

4. No More Lugging Bottles From The Grocery Store

Hint can be delivered right to your door! Order from your couch and you'll no longer need to drag cases in and out of your car. Hello, more room in your grocery cart for bushels of apples.

5. Keeps You Motivated To Work Out

It can be harder to work out when the weather gets chilly - layering up for a run or hauling to the gym in the cold is no fun. A healthy drink is always a good motivator and since Hint is refreshing and delicious enough to drink mid-workout, it can be your new workout buddy.

Find out which fruit flavor will carry you through Back-to-School nights and haunted hayrides. Hint delivers flavored water right to your door, so you'll always have a cool alternative to tap.

Customize your bundle of Hint waters today! Follow this link to get 36 bottles for $36 PLUS free shipping!

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